superbit DVD worth to buy another copy??

what up with the superbit dvds is it worth to buy another copy? much different!!
thanks guys!

If you have a decent TV, projector it does make a discernable difference. Everything is a little sharper and clearer, less bloom on colors and just an easier picture to watch for two hours. Depends upon how much you enjoy re-watching a movie doesn't it? I enjoy watching "The Fifth Element" now and then, so I sold the old copy and bought a new Superbit copy for example. I also kept my eyes out for when they go on sale. There are lots of threads regarding this at Check it out if you have time.
I gotta figure that if you gotta ask, then it's too expensive. The value of a system that makes the differances noticable (at the cost of all the extras) is high enough that if you are debating, then I say 'NO' it won't be worth it to you.