What amps/preamps/integrateds to use with a particular speaker?

Hi all!
I hear that a good way to assemble a stereo system is to buy the speakers one wants and then buy the amp/preamp/integrated that will work well with the speakers.
I want to buy Legacy Audio Classic HD floorstanders. What would you recommend for an amp/preamp/integrated that you think would work well with these speakers?
I listen to 50s-80s classic rock, blues and old school metal such as Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. Sometimes I like to feel the music a bit but my old ears can’t handle very loud volume like they used to.
Anyway, thanks for all of your recommendations! I’m looking forward to reading your responses.
There won't be much trouble about lots of choices, BUT first, you should give an idea of your budget.
Yeah, that would probably be a good idea.  I'd say around $3,000.00.
diofan we are legacy audio dealers can you go up to the Focus Signatures they are a big improvement over the Classics.

How loud do you play?

How far away from the speakers are you?

Part of the amplifier equation is the source components some integrated amplifiers are also dacs and some stream as well.

Also is the room very shouty or well damped?

If you want a streaming  amplifier do you have an ethernet connection in the room next to the system or would you use an ethernet bridge?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Legacy Audio Dealers
Where are you located?


Audio Troy is a dealer and can point you in a variety of choices and has the knowledge. I recently stepped up to a set of Legacy Speakers ( Focus SE’s ) and could not be happier. I truly believe this will be the last set of speakers I ever purchase. I have previously owned Infinity’s, Polk’s, Miller Kreisel’s, Ascend Acoustics and demo’ed a new set of Tekton Double Impact monitors w/upgrades. I went with a ATI 6005 Signature Series amp. Preamp is a Marantz 8805. I love the Marantz brands sound. It seems to play rock and roll well. Both are more than you want to spend, and @ 300 watts per channel, more power than you probably need. The ATI is also a little on the neutral side, and I wish now I would have went with something a little warmer. I also am a rocker, although I play about everything. It’s not uncommon for me to sit down and play a concert through my system at 105-108 db. ( from 11 feet ) . I also have a couple 18 inch PSA subs ( 750 watts each),so my cave has just about all the "THUMP" you could ever desire. As far as amps, I think I would go with a Parasound or something smooth. Maybe in the 150 to 200 watts per channel area.Tubes amps will not have the headroom your looking for. At least I don’t think so. You will get lots of other ideas and opinions on here, and that’s a good thing.

Hi Bob!
I'm in the Des Moines, Iowa area.
Hi Audiotroy!
Are you talking about the Signature SE?  I don't like that model because it's a sealed cabinet.  I used to own a pair of Focus SEs but I don't have them any more.  I wish I did but I've had to downsize.

I don't play my system too loud any more.  My old ears can't handle that volume.

I'm in an apartment and I wish I wasn't.  I sit about 8 feet from the speakers I now have.  I sit in front of the left speaker because there is not enough room to place the chairs in the middle of the room.
The living room is not damped.
I don't want a streaming amplifier.
The Signature is still the better of the two speakers, it is larger and it is a bit more expensive, however, the drivers on the Signature are better.

The classic HD are good, the Signatures are even better. In terms of overall performance you have a better top end with the Signatures.

As you have a Heil AMT for both the treble and midrange and cross over to the silk and graphite lower midrange driver in the Signature vs the Heil AMT for the tweeter only crossing over to the midrange in the Classics.

Little puzzled why you wouldn't want the sealed bass of the Sigs?

So you want to get a straight integrated do you need a phono stage?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Legacy Audio dealers
I don't like sealed cabinets.  My preference is for a rear-ported design.
I have an external phono preamp and an external DAC.
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I asked your location because I think you should consider Vandersteen speakers. I think you can do better than the Legacy floorstanders. 
Unfortunately, there are no dealers near you, unless you go to Wisconsin or Missouri.
I also wouldn't strike out a speaker because it doesn't have a certain design. You might be surprised when you hear a new speaker and discover it is using a sealed cabinet.
Other companies to look at (that I enjoy listening to):
Magnepan and Sound Lab- If you would consider eletrostatics.
If at all possible try to audition as many speakers in order to get a feel of what you like.
There are some companies that allow you to audition and send them back, but you have to buy new and pay for return shipping.-But, at least you get an idea of how they sound.

My EAR Yoshino V20 was specifically designed for the original Quad speaker, known as the ESL-57. Prices vary, if you can find one for sale. I've heard them together and its magic.