What amp would be good for the Aerial 7b's

I've read they need lots of power which now that I have them I agree with. What would be a good solid state amp. Has anybody tried a tube amp with them?

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I ran them with a Bryston 4B SST, and then a 14B SST. The 4B SST's protection circuitry kept shutting down after playing the system at high volumes for 45 minutes to an hour. That's why I bought the 14B SST, which seemed to work well.

The 7B do require a lot of juice.

I'm not sure I'd recommend tubes for them. Maybe some 7B owners who use tubes will have some input.
Robert what is your budget?
I have owned Arial's and they love the match of Classe equipment. The option of two amps is optimum-using them bridged in mono. I would look for CA-100's or a CA-150 in stereo. Hope this helps. Steve
I've owned Aerial model 6 and then upgraded to model 9s. I used a Parasound Halo A21 with both and i could get the amp to clip at loud volume if the music contained deep bass on the model 6s. I had no clipping issues with the model 9s. The model 9s are more sensitive than the model 6s or 7s.

I think the Parasound Halo JC-1s will drive your speakers very well and sound great if you can swing them.
McIntosh MC402 is last amp I listen to with Aerials.
Conrad Johnson matches well with Aerial. I used to own a pair of Aerial 7b's for several years. I matched them with a Conrad Johnson 2500A solid state stereo amp, a Bat vk5i tubed preamp (with early 1960's NOS 7308 Amperex white label PQ USA small signal tubes & 1958 Tungsol 5881 power tubes), and a Meridian 508.24 cd player (with a Shunyata original Black Mamba powercord). It was a very musical, dynamic and involving system. Nice speakers! Stan
I second the mc402. Tried Marantz, Krell and MF but the combination of the detail on those amps and the detail on the speakers was too much. After the 402 I'm listening to music again and not thinking about my equipment. Although I haven't owned Classe and CJ, from my extensiive reading, I think they might sound good as well especially the CJ. If the mc402 hadn't worked out I was going to try Ayre and CJ. Tubes are a no-go on the Aerial 7Bs. 7Bs are inefficient 85~86 dB and impedance drops in the bass region to low levels (for tubes).
I guess a few thousand

It depends on the size of your room and your preferred listening levels. My room is on the small side at 14 x16 x8 and I have had excellent results with the 150 watt/channel BAT VK-300x SE integrated amplifier.