What amp to use with Talon Raven speakers ?

Small room (200 sq ft.)
CD source (Muse Model 9 Signature)
Integrated is okay
New MSRP up to $5000

Any suggestions?

Try and find a dealer demo BAT VK75se, that combo would be enjoyable for a LONG time :o)
I concur. Best amp for sane money i say. There is one for 4300 on a'gon now that is a steal...
Go with the Jeff Rolland integrated. Absolutly superb sound and the build quality puts the rest to bed.
Disclaimer: I am a Talon dealer.

Hello...Any of the following work VERY well with the Raven:

Electrocompaniet AW220 Monos
Power Modules (Belles) 350A Stereo
Simaudio W-5 Stereo
Simaudio I-5 Integrated
Xindak 6900SE Integrated
Xindak 6950SE Integrated

NOTE: We sell the above listed brands BECAUSE of their synergy with the Talon speaker line.

Which one would work best for you depends upon your current preamp, the volume levels you typically listen at, and the type of sonic presentation you like (the type of music you listen to can also be a small factor).

If you could give me some additional details, I would be happy to recommend a specific amp from the list above.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio