Raven Tube Amps

I spent 18 months researching a whole new audio 2- channel system in a house I just built.  My great room is 30' x 45' so it is cavernous and challenged by audiogon standards.  I am in the process of placing around 36 acoustical panels on the wall to help improve the sound even more.  I absolutely love the end results despite being told by many high end audio shops that the sound would not fill the room because I did not have large enough speakers.  It is like a concert hall.  My system:

Wilson Audio Duette 2's
Raven integrated MKS Reflection Tube amp
Lumin A-1 Music Player
Synology 2 bay NAS with dual 4tb enterprise grade.
Isotek Aquarius Power conditioner
Furetech Rhodium plug and spade connectors
Two Triad Silver in wall subs 
Douglas Connection interconnects 
Furez 10 gauge speaker wire.

Like many I have a wife who can't understand why all speakers can't be in wall.  I took a lot of abuse with the Speakers being a focal point in our new house.  It is the only item I won on in the whole house.  
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying my system.  I want to give a major shot out to Dave Thomson, owner of the Raven Audio.  He built an amp for me that sounds so real and is so cool looking that I actually have it as a display piece.  The power the Raven provides is unbelievably more powerful than you can imagine for 58wpc.  The sound and clarity is awesome.  If you are considering a tube amp you at least owe it to yourself to check out Raven Audio... and no I am not being paid to say this.   I play everything from Rock / Country / Jazz/ Symphony.  I learned a lot from reading reviews and comments from fellow audiogon members.  Thank You!!!!!

Its impressive to hear that the Duette 2s can fill a room of that size without loosing focus, imaging, or even create a reasonable (size) soundstage. Raven gear is audio jewelry... Congratulations on a great system and the new house.
I heard some of Raven Audio's amps this weekend, at Lone Star Audio Fest, for the first time.

They're amazingly clear and authoritative. I was surprised at how clean they sounded.