RAVEN and other ribbon drivers.

Some audiophiles are very much charmed by the ribbon drivers.
Technical merit seems to offer some scientific support here.You know - ribbons are low mass / low distortion transducers able to offer very detailed and dynamic sound, without some time domain distortions associated with heavier, traditional dynamic dome or cone, drivers.

Impresive! Really so?

There are some audiophiles who fell in love with ribbons at first sight & sound. But equally fast they let their love down mumbling something about "unlasting impression", "immateriality" and kind of unnatural "thinness" to the sound. Some others told stories about fragile, low power, nature of this kind of drivers.

Ribbons are traditionally associated with high frequency reproduction. In fact a modern ribbon driver can cover more then the high frequency range. Leading designs from RAVEN (Orca Design) or a Dutch company called Stage Accompany could cover a range starting from 500-1000Hz up to the 30-40 kHz from a single driver.

I wonder what is your expeience with latest ribbons? Was the first impression favorable and long lasting?
Have you heard (or even better owned) speaker systems utilizing wide range ribbons like RAVEN R3 drive unit?

And RAVENS themselves - they seem to be a favorite brand among DIYs trying to build the absolute speaker.
Do you have any experience with it?
Hi, Mrgigi. I've never heard the ravens but I've heard of them. I've owned newform researh ribbons[r8-2's] since Sept/93.....hard to believe its' been that long...The newforms can really float notes in air, decay of notes is very very nice....they can be addictive....the ribbons however cross over between 900 to 1000...and below 1000, cone drivers can't quite match the magic of the ribbons.....I would love to hear another ribbon operating below the newforms to about 200. This would possibly be very serious....Hey, I still like cone drivers, I just find the newforms easy to live with. A good frined made me promise if I ever change speakers, I"m to sell to him...regard, Lloyd
Hey Mrgigi, Great thread you are starting up. Traditional mid-tweeter cone speakers have left many people dissatisfied and searching for a more true and dynamic sound. Which is the Ribbon. I am amazed that manufactures still use the cone tweeter.(my 1983 Philips speaker has a 1 inch dome clear plastic tweeter and captures mids-highs that blows away the B&W tweeter as well as most others,this tweeter is the exception to the rule). I looked at Stage Accompany's web and look ok but not very interesting. The Raven i could not find. Here are 2 lines woth researching 1)Ambience out of Australia ,go to KORA web page look up dealers in Austin Tx his name is Darryl. Only problem with this hybred is ..$6k. 2)VMPS a california lab, I think it was Sedond who advised me of this line. They have a big line of speakers. The only one i am interested in is the Ribbon Monitor 1 ,has 2 7" graphite woofers a 10"passive(?) and a ribbon mid + a ribbon tweeter. The sweet thing about this speaker is the price...$1600! They have a new RM40 as well. I hope this thread gets attention.
Mrgigi I found the Raven by giog to Cabasse then from the Cabasse list of dist. in the USA i hit the ORCA DESIGN and MGF. in Atlanta. They are the ones that make the Raven ribbon and the drivers for Cabasse. This Raven really looks awesome, and the new Raven 3 has a MSRP. of $1400. The Raven 2 is only like $300. BIG difference?? Both are midrage/tweeter frequencies. I wonder how this sounds compared to the Cabasse's TC21 mid/tweeter in their speaker called Pacific 600 (new $13K!! right now someone is selling a pr. for $6K started today) Anyway ORCA calls this TC21 "THE HOLY GRAIL" of their research. However this new Raven 3 could prove a challenge. I am not sure how one uses the Raven, does it work in with a sub or what? I mean If anybody out there can help me with the line of Cabasse called MT352 or the ARTIS line, thanks. As well lets keep the VMPS reviews rolling.
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this thread proves (no responces)that the "comercials" with their ads have a grip-hold on peoples ears...the new high tech drivers will NOT be found in the comercials...have a nice day