What amp to match with Conrad Johnson Premier 16/2

Hi, I have a CJ Premier 16 Mk 2 and am considering getting either a Gamut D200, a PS Audio HCA-2. I have Vienna Acoustics Strauss speakers (very similar to the Mahlers).

All and any input and hints welcome.
One that sounds good with it.
The new C/J Premier 140. if it's not out yet it will be any day. Got to be very carefull with your pre's low output impedance. I've got a 17 with Premier 12s.
Depending on your budget and power requirements you may want to consider a CJ MF2500A. The benefits of staying with CJ is no system matching concerns as Mkfischer suggests. I have this very combination and find it to be excellent. If tubes is what you are looking for then Mkfischer's recommendation is an excellent one as well.

Thanks, Chuck
Your best bet would be to stay in the CJ family especially if you really like your preamp. The PS HCA2 is sonically way below the quality of your other components. So, that leaves you with the Gamut from your original either/or.
Many thanks for the consistent input

I'm kinda/sorta biased to the tube pre/SS power model for amplification, though my experience is by no means wide.

Any thoughts on a Pass labs x150 or x250 instead of a Gamut? An alternative is a Burmester (good prices here in Singapore). The Pass units run pretty hot; not a trivial concern here in my Equatorial city, where humidity and heat cause the airconditioning at home to run all out and switching on a few extra lamps has an immediate impact on comfort. Sounds absurd, but its true. And no, I don't have the bucks or desire to upgrade my airconditioning/power supply :-)
I also have the CJ 16/2 and like the combo of a tube preamp and a ss amp. You really can get the best of both worlds. I don't know if Jeff Rowland is in your price range but I use my 16 with the Model 10 and it is an excellent match. It seems to bring out the best of both pieces in my system.
The information on the Jeff Rowland Model 10 is scanty at their website.

I see it is a two chassis model with a switching power supply.

Does the type of power supply mean that it runs pretty cool during idle?

Also, is it practical to tuck away the power supply out of sight, maybe 2-3 feet away from the amplifier unit?

Non sound related questions, I know, but I'm grateful for the benefit of your experience.
Yes you are correct, it is a two chassis unit with a switch mode power supply. I stack the units on top of each other as the stock connecting cord is only about 6 inches long. The amplifier is rated at 150 watts per channel and for the most part runs quite cool. As I only have the chance to listen on the weekend, I turn it on Friday night and off on Sunday pm. By Sunday, the top of the power supply is warm to the touch only. Hope this helps.