What amp to choose?

I am running Infinity IRS Omega speakers and a 6 channel multiplayer equipped with preamps, by now I only use the 2 channel stereo. This a high quality gear MSRP USD20.000. The amp is a 150Wpc and 1800VA (240V/50Hz.
I run it balanced.The combo does deliver a good soundstage, detailed and I am satisfied with that.
I love my Omega`s,but they need more power and I want to optimize the system with a better amp.
Previously I`ve heard the player with PBN AX amp this is an option, sound is just right, but price new is to high for my budget, and I have to look for used.
I will be grateful if anyone could give me some inputs.
What is your budget?
My budget for this is USD2500.
Perhaps a Parasound Halo JC1.
Phaelon thanks for suggestion.
JC1 collect rather good reviews, one pair at audiogon, but the price is to high for this pair though.
Do you think they would be better than Krell KSA250?
Musical Fidelity cut the price in half on their Supercharger 550K mono power amps, and that makes them $2499.98/pair new. They put out (as their name implies) 550 watts each into 8 ohms (and 750 watts into 4 ohms). Reviews that I read were raves, and stated that these are so transparent they relay the characteristics of the amp or preamp upstream. As "superchargers," they can be driven by either amplified speaker level or linestage interconnects.
I haven't been a huge fan of the Krells, but admittedly, I've only heard them a few times and none were the newer models. My suggestion was based mostly on the Halo's ability to provide effortless power to your Omegas. I just thought that it would be a worthwhile audition and that you might be able to find one used at your price point.
Well for a budget of $ 2,500 USD I would look at a pair if Adcom GFA-555SE new they are 1,100 - 1,300 each. I have 2 GFA-555 and 2 GFA-555II that I am using, all I have bought used from $250-375 each.



Good Luck

AKA Bullet100t
Have to make a cheching list, find my local dealers and just listen around.
My conclusion is that all the variables, different type of setups, gears, rooms...alltogether will not give a "correct" answer whats best!...for such a limited budget.
Reviews for all suggestion here is promising to the price limit.
Grateful to have more opinions.
Anybody knows what McCormack DNA500 could do (good reviews on this one too), considering increase my budget for JC1 or Dna 500..
I bought a DNA 500, but have not listen to it.
Recommended combo by Steve himself, he`s probably right.
Long journey for this one, US to AUS to Norway to US for upgrading in a few months to Norway again.
A globalized DNA 500 should do the job then.
I come back with "review".
Consider Aragon, a 4004Mk2, 8008BB etc, or Paladium Mono blocks.

maybe a pair of odyssey mono extreme se's would fit the bill.
Johnny53 I do have the 550k MF sc.They do perform,but
you have to use the right cabling.They sounds like tubes.
It is many very good amps out there.
I think it is very much about matching to get the system musical.
There is a practical issue to get hands on the different gears for testing.
This time I`ve actually bought an amp that I`ve never listen to, in fact the maufacturer was unknown to me for less than a month ago.
Think it will be a good happening though!
The Odyssey SE gets very good reviews, but for Omega speakers even they could be lacking of W`s.
More of a question than an answer; I thought big tube amps were the way to go with Infinity'?
I don`t have the slightest idea whats best for Infinity,other than more power is definitely some part of the answer.
Does tubes give more power for difficult (1 ohms) load?
The power supply in terms of how many VA the transformer is, and second how huge the storing capacitance capasity is.
As I think of this is the cap.capasity for heavy bassloads peaks, and the transformer size supply fall in when the loads is over the time.
But I am probably not right!
But for shure, Steve McCormack state his DNA 500 is a good match regarding Omega speakers and high end Bladelius player.
I get it next week and will as said before state if he is correct or not.
Perhaps I'm mistaken. I assumed these had servo woofers. I'm not so sure now. Apparently Infinity recommended between 100-500 Watts per channel. As best as I can tell they have a 4 Ohm load, I can't seem to verify if that's nominal or minimum. If they do drop to 1 Ohm, that would rule out most tube amps. You seem to be on the right track, they are reputed to be power hungry. Good luck.
This model does not have servo woofers, that is the Epsilon type.
Omega I think is a later design, and according to many people the best compromise.
I think the soundstage is stunning and complete (well not in the league of Dynaudio Temptations, or PBN Montana KAS/Was).
I did use a 300Wpc in 4 ohms, which they are and still they clipped the amp. with a high, but not exceeding 100db I would guess.
I ended up with the McCormack DNA 500 amp, and what a masterpiece of a soundplant.
My Infinity Omega`s is now playing the very high end music, best ever for me.
From top to bottom the DNA 500 give the most amasing music, with ease and eleganse. So easy, so accurate.
It was a perfect match with my player also.
But in this world, the upgrade kit will also be done, to get the very, very best out of it.
It will survive my next speaker upgrade...the PBN KAS/WAS or Dynaudio Temp.