Help me choose new digital player

I am in the process of upgrading my entire music system and would appreciate recommendations for my digital play back unit. I presently have a stock Sony SCD 777ES.
It is a fine player but I know there have been major improvements since I first purchased this unit.

I am presently considering a couple of options. I could keep the 777ES and have it modded. If so, I would then want to know which mod program would produce the most significant improvement.

Secondly, I am considering the purchase of a new unit. Digitally, I only listen to two channel red book and SACD but have been reading very favorable reviews on the new AYRE C5xe universal model. I would not likely use the DVD video function but would possibly expand my software collection to include DVD-A softfware.

I'm not inherently against upgrading to separate DAC and Transport units but would probably prefer to stay with a single unit.

The majority of my listening is with vinyl on my SME 20 TT, SME V arm and Shelter 90X.
The rest of my gear consists of Parasound JC-1 mono amps (SS), VAC Standard Pre with phono stage (tube), Proac 2.5 speakers which I will be upgrading shortly with new speakers on order. Acoustic Zen ICs and SCs. My system is in a dedicated listen room with Echo Buster room treatment items.

If you do think about going to a multi player for DVD-A please keep in the back of your head that you may still need a TV or some sort of monitor to set up playback of DVD-A and such formats.
If you only listen to two channel redbook consider a redbook player. The Edge Electronics G series Cd player is one that comes to mind as a recommendation.

As far as mods go, You can probably limit yourself only by your bank account. They have different levels of mods according to your wallet. Probably one of the first levels is to upgrade the caps, then there is the wiring, the superclock, the power supply, etc.
I don't know how much you want to spend but the Linn Unidisk 1.1 is fantastic with redbook and SACD!

Good Luck!*>)
Try the Bladelius Freja. Plays CD, SACD and DVDA. Wisely the DVD playback was left out. You don't need a monitor to set up DVDA playback. Designed correctly - has two BB DACs for CD playback and another separate two BB DACs for native DSD recording. Fully balanced by the lead engineer for the famed Threshold company when Nelson Pass headed the company. George the US distributor for Bladelius is offering the unit for $2500 (MSRP $3000) since he has not established a dealer network yet. Review to come out on positive feedback online.
The Ayre does not do DVD video.

I am in a similar boat as you, also having a Sony SCD777ES. Although SACD and
DVD-A are not a priority for me, I do see myself adding a hard drive as a source.
(In fact, I think most of us will go that way.) So I want a player that can also
accept an external digital input and function as a DAC.
Look at the Cary for digital inputs, either the 303 or new 306 SACD.