What affordable amp should go w/ magnepan 1.6?

I am a real novice here guys. My situation is this, I am building a stereo system from the ground up, wich pretty much means I have nothing except the magnepan 1.6's. I am trying 2 figure out what I should use 2 drive them. I would like 2 stay under 1500(is that realistic?)and I am not interested in home theatre(possibly a sub later). I am very new 2 this so any and all info(cables,other components complimentary 2 the magnepans) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
A friend of mine says the Sim Moon is a great match with his 1.6's.


This is Joe Abrams at Portal Audio. A number of my clients have reported excellent results using the Portal Panache Integrated Amp with the Maggie 1.6. Please see our website at www.portalaudio.com
Try the Outlaw Audio M200 monoblocks (www.outlawaudio.com). They drive the MG-1.6's very well. Also get a set of Mye Sound stands, these offer a real improvement over the stock stands. Good luck!
A friend uses an Audiomat Arpege integrated amp with very good results. Others have reported good results with Innersound amps. I don't sell either one, but they're fine products.

Brian Walsh
Bryston 4B-ST can be found here for easily under your $1500 target. Matched up to am decent preamp (I've had great luck matching Bryston amps to tube preamps)it will be a super amp for the Maggies.
The 1.6's are power hungry(clean power that is!) I used an Adcom 5802 which was 300wpc that I got used for around $700. They drove the 1.6's with ease too. I moved up to the 3.6's and upgraded to the Spectron Musician II. Now that was a major improvement in clean power...........
I don't own the 1.6's, but if memory serves correct, someone here on Audiogon mentioned using either a McCormack DNA 0.5 or a 1.0. I used to have a DNA 0.5, they're pretty hard to beat at the used prices here on Audiogon.
Like Zenieth, to drive MG1.6 I used an Adcom amp, a 5503, 350 wpc at 4 ohms. It was better than a 100wpc Adcom.
I recently changed to CarverPro ZR1600 digital amp rated at 600 wpc into 4 ohms. The CarverPro amp costs only $840 or so via internet. I repeat what many others have said, this amp is super with Maggies. It does use a fan, so you might want to retrofit an available very quiet fan, or disconnect the fan entirely (which is OK for the home audio application).
I really appreciate all this info guys! I have seen a NAD c-270/c-160 amp&preamp combo on here do you think that would a good match?
While the NAD is a nice combo the amp falls a little short for 1.6's and would be better suited to MMG's. I know this as I owned 1.5's at one time and the wife has a C270 in her system - tried it and found in a medium sized room would probably be OK but you are better off with more power.

Maggies love current and you can never have enough power for them so I'd be looking at something that is putting out around 300 w/ch @ 4 ohms.
I had a pair of 1.6qr and generally speaking the more power the better. The only exception was the BAT VK60 (only 60 watts- $2000 used) which was the best of all of the amps that I tried. Also, I've had success with the Marsh A400 (200 watts) which was significantly better than a Bryston 4BST. Sim amps may be a good choice too, though I've never tried them with the Maggies. I have heard them drive inefficient speakers with power and finesse and they seem to have the right tonal balance for the Maggies.

I've had three NAD amps and two Rotels and while they are very good, I would not use them to drive the Maggies.
I used an Aragon 4004 MK II for years with Maggies with good results. A voltage source, it puts 400 w/ch into the Maggies' 4 ohm load, enough for most settings. They currently Bluebook for around $700 on average.
I also looked into some pro audio amps. I really think the carverpro zr1600 is a nice way 2 go. I have a friend who works in a pro shop who said he really likes QSC amps,(rmx 2450 & rmx 1850). I have no experience with either and I wondered what you guys thought.
Nidan...I happen to have both the CarverPro ZR1600, and a QSC RMX 1450. The QSC is good for 450 watts at very low cost and I bought it for a subwoofer application. I did not expect very good results using it full range, but I hooked it up that way as an experiment, and was pleasantly surprised. It would be a very good choice for a low cost system, where the high power rating would make it possible to use excellent speakers like Maggies (which are not costly themselves but generally require costly power amps).

The QSC does use a noisy fan, and unlike the CarverPro high efficiency digital amp, you cannot safely disconnect it. It is variable speed, controlled by temperature but it never really gets quiet.It may be possible to use a lower noise fan, as is the case for the CarverPro. The best solution is to locate it in a remote location: mine is in the cellar underneath the speakers.

Both amps sport balanced inputs, if that turns you on. Both are very solidly constructed. Warranty is 3 years for the QSC and 5 years for the CarverPro.

Both amps should be given objective consideration. The QSC costs even less than the CarverPro, and I really can't hear much wrong with it. The CarverPro invites comparison with the very best.
THe maggie factory uses NAD in their simple lobby set-up...which is what my local dealer carries...along with Bryston...in your range...check of the NAD Silver line...
Why not to try with Bedini Vintage 100 mono blocks. Works superb in my set up. Worth to spend double they are for life.