Affordable integrated with balanced inputs?

I am trying to research integrated amps that have balanced inputs. I plan to match the amp with a music hall DAC 25.2 and a Wadia dock. I know about the Anthem 225 and the Cambridge Audio 840A V2, are there any other brands I should consider, especially ones that might be at a lower price point? Thanks in advance for replies...
OK so no responses in 2 weeks - must mean that there are no integrated amps with balanced inputs cheaper than $1500. I have seen a few CA 840z V2's for sale (dealer demo) at audio advisor, priced somewhere around $1200, but that would be the best possible price. I know balanced connections drastically reduce the noise floor, but if I am running B&W 685s high-passed through the SVS SB12plus sub, will I really be able to tell the difference?
I did test Audioquest RCA cables vs. cheap chinese stock ICs and also vs. Radio Shack ICs, I can tell the difference between these and the entry level G-snakes, even more difference when comparing to the copperheads or diamondbacks.