weak link/improvement to my system: advice


I love Audiogon forums where I have received a lot of great advice so thanks in advance.

My hope was to get insight as to what you might think would be weak links or improvements to my system. (If someone dislikes a particular brand I don't think it is helpful however to say yuck krell sucks or wilson is overpriced). I thought perhaps the speaker cable but then read an article by the founder of McIntosh who lambasted the need to get a reall expensive speaker cable like Vahalla. Ok enough with the caveats.

I have the following:

2. KRELL 400CX
3. BAT (Balanced Audio Technology) 51SE Tube Preamp
4. Cary 306-200 cd player
5. Cardas Golden Reference cable XLR between Preamp/Amp
6. Nordost Quattro Fil cable XLR between Preamp/CD
7. Nordost Red Dawn Speaker Cable
The Krell amplification is crap, box that up and send it to me right away! I will send you something with which you can replace it.

What is wrong with your system now that you think you need to spur the economy? My personal preference for some of the cable would be different, but nothing there looks bad, except of course for the amps.
im not so sure you have a "Weak Link"
Seems pretty solid.

Have you tried any different power cords or are you runnin stock?

Other than cable upgrades, yer looking at a pretty significant amount of cast to upgrade anything.

How about this, rather than asking what your weak link is, are there any aspects of this bitchin beautiful rig you are not completly satisfied with?

Maybe if you want to try with improvements you should start looking at accoustical tweaks. That without a doubt would be the cheapest way to enhance the duality of your rig. You are definatly hitting the realm of diminished returns.
upgrade the red dawn
I guess when it comes to "upgrading" these uber-expencive rigs, Brainwater is definatly the guy to ask.
Krell-Wilson is a horrible match. You choose which to dich.
Ditto on upgrading the Red Dawn's. I've a/b'd those against the Stealth UR's and the UR's just let much more of the music come through. The RD's sound closed-in and muted in comparison.
Also, how is your system set up? A dedicated room? Power considerations? (cords, conditioning, dedicated circuits, etc.). Have you checked the room with an analyzer for optimum speaker and seating location? Does it need any room treatment and/or EQ?
You've got some nice equipment and with proper set up and cable and i/c matching, it should make you :-)
Happy Listening!
the speaker cables now,next would be the CD player
I would take a long and hard look at your room, maybe contact someone like Rives and have them work up a plan for your room.

Your system (If you like it's sonic signature at this point) and only dislike a few of it's traits could reap huge gains, much more than any cable change could give.

The only other change that may give instant results would be a change of source IMO, not that the Cary is not a great player..BUT, cdp's do have their own sonic signature they bring to the table in your price range. I would think that the Krell and Wilson's could be steared in many directions.

Do you have everything setup properly? You know powercords away from signal carrying wire? Are your speakers level and even? Have you played around with positioning width and toe-in? What do you have the equipment on? Try the amp and pre and the bottom of the rack. I'd play around with that until you think it sounds as good as it is going to. I think with your system it will sound pretty good. If you do decide to change something change your wires. Shielded stuff. I have a feeling that something like the top-o-the-line Audioquest stuff would bring some boldness to your system which is what your probably missing no? Anaconda, python, ics' Gibraltar speaker cable. Man that stuff floats my boat big-time. The Synergistic might work well too.
Sounds like a great system. Have you tried power cables?
I was skeptical at first. However, after I purchased my first PS Audio lab cable, I was blown away by the changes.
I can honestly say that power cable makes a greater difference than changing speaker cable or interconnect.
I went from Monster Cable rca ic to Audioquest Python XLR
between amp and pre and differences were not nearly as dramatic as changing from stock pc to PS Audio Lab on my Audio Research VT100 II.

I would not change any electronics until I tried power cables.