The USB Disruptor for CA improvement

I recently purchased the USB Disruptor. Since installing it between my MacBook Pro and PS Audio Nuwave DAC, I must say that my computer audio is clearer,  more palpable, fuller, layered (3 dimensional), with a deeper soundstage. I came across information about this device online (somewhere) and then read as much as I could find. I was intrigued with how some folks described the affect this device has on the sound of USB DACS.  Yes, there are plenty of naysayers regarding the efficacy of this device.  There have also been some audiophiles who have praised it. I have to now join the latter camp. My music is quieter, more detailed and has taken on more reality.  This is probably my first review on Audiogon in all the years I've participated here. But the effect of the USB Disruptor on my computer audio pushed me to post a small review.  For the reasonable price of admission, and with a 30 day return policy, your only gamble is the cost of return shipping.  You may want to try this device if computer audio is your thing.  
Timing of the data doesn't matter, since your DAC has asynchronous USB.  This device must do something to reduce conducted noise either by filtering or optical isolation.  Whatever it does it seems to be working.