A Dimes worth of Improvement

Those with VPI center record clamp/weight....try putting 2 dimes between weight and record label.... Report on your findings.One coin close to spindle, other one farther away.

I don't know what you're getting at here, but there is a big difference between a VPI center clamp and a VPI center weight.  Which one do you mean?  
it's a hunk of -  heavy maybe stainless steel- that sits over the spindle when in play
A dime on the cartridge works better.
Three dimes in a triangle has got to be better?
I think you're better off throwing those dimes into a fountain.
unless you try it you don't know what you're talking about.  It costs 20 cents.   I got this from the Harry's section of the VPI website.   There are those who say that pennys are preferred....I found that dimes work best in my system.  No....one would think that 3 coins would be better, but no...2 coins does it.   In my system, it widens and deepens the soundstage...perhaps rolling off the low bass a bit - not not much.  I posted this because I share sound ideas....the choice to try is yours.
I'll sell you my "special" dimes for $50 ea...

Should they be head, or tails up ??  LOL

come on guys this is a serious post. If you don't have a couple dimes go to the bank.
" I'll sell you my "special" dimes for $50 ea..."
Someone is probably doing it already, but it's $599.00.
The main problem could be the design flaw in the VPI SS weight. It’s completely flat on the bottom. Most records are raised in the center around the spindle area at about an 1 & 1/4"diameter. So the VPI center weight will wobble. I had mine machined for a recess. This cost me a little over 300 dimes.