Wanted to share this review of Vandersteen Quatro CT's in Positive Feedback

What a review he gave the Quatro.   Guess he bought the review pair that was in birds eye maple.  This is the speaker I'll get when I sell the Treo's...

Enjoy the read:

Don't rule out the Vandersteen 5/5A before you audition a pair.  Very impressive to this listener's ears.
I'm highly familiar with both and the Quatro in my system is still better than the 5 non CT version.  I have Treo's right now and have them up for sale on another site as I want the Quatro.  I purchase Vandersteen's new because that's the only way you can do any upgrades in the future.  Those older 5's ARE great speakers.  They are a bit too big for my room though and I want the CT tweeter, otherwise I'd just keep the ones I have.  I have only listened to Vandy's for the last few years and am blown away.
I would love to have a pair of Quatro CT carbon speakers. They would be at the top of a short list of speakers provided I had that kind of cash. For now I will just be satisfied with the 2CE Sig II. They have given me many hours of listening pleasure.

BTW great review by Clark.
2psyop, so true.  The Quatro is the sweet spot, but the Treo CT is a very special speaker for the 8500 or so (I don't really know off hand).  I am getting a bunch of offers right now for my regular Treo's. They aren't quite the CT's, but they get you 95% there (if not more) for half of the regular price of a new pair.  I'm loving the Treo's, especially since I got the Ayre QX5 Twenty DAC.  I'm hearing bass that I didn't know they had.  Shows how important room and source really are.
The difference between the 5A's and the 5CT's are (to these ears) very minimal indeed.  When I talked to Richard about that, he said you have to live with the upgraded 5's to really appreciate them.  I'm running 5A's with Ayre electronics and are very happy with them.
I hear the differences, but yes they are subtle.  I have the regular Treo's, and they are more than satisfying.  Now with my Ayre QX5 Twenty DAC, they are moving more air than I thought they could.  Amazing how they are rocking.  The CT's are very very special though.