Wanted to share this review of Vandersteen Quatro CT's in Positive Feedback

What a review he gave the Quatro.   Guess he bought the review pair that was in birds eye maple.  This is the speaker I'll get when I sell the Treo's...

Enjoy the read:

Don't rule out the Vandersteen 5/5A before you audition a pair.  Very impressive to this listener's ears.
I'm highly familiar with both and the Quatro in my system is still better than the 5 non CT version.  I have Treo's right now and have them up for sale on another site as I want the Quatro.  I purchase Vandersteen's new because that's the only way you can do any upgrades in the future.  Those older 5's ARE great speakers.  They are a bit too big for my room though and I want the CT tweeter, otherwise I'd just keep the ones I have.  I have only listened to Vandy's for the last few years and am blown away.