Want to buy new HT setup, any help appreciated


I would like to set up an HT and ready to spend upto $1000, I am looking at HTIB as well as expolring another possibilities.

Here is my current Music system

Jolida JD 100
Odyssey Tempest Pre
Odyssey Startos with Cap Upgrade
Paradigm ref studio 100 V2

I will not prefer to use these components for HT as in near future, I will be looking at upgrading speakers.

I am not sure whether any HTIB will be good enough for the
room of size 22 X 20 X 10.

If I want to go with Different receiver/ different Speakers and Diff sub, what are the option available ?

Thanks a lot,

1-for $1000, you will probably be disappointed with any HITB.
2-Your room is way too large for just about any HITB in the under $2500 range.
3-Definitely use what you can keep-it is nice gear.
Spend the money on a nice HT receiver and Center channel. A good Denon and Paradigm center will eat up your budget yet still sound great. Remember that the center is the most important speaker for theater.
4-Buy a $49 apex dvd until your budget allows a real one.
5-A good sub will alleviate most of the strain on a receiver. Even though your speakers can put out nice bass, you will need to handle the .1 of a 5.1 system somehow.
I agree, for that size room definately keep the paradigms
Get a good center channel and decent receiver, pick up some inexpensive rear's for now and enjoy.

Umm,, dont get an apex dvd however.
you can pick up a used Denon 3700 for around 200 which is a MUCH better option.


Thanks for the suggestions .. I think its a good idea to get Paradigm center .. and Sub and probably get Paradigm atoms as rears, I have pioneer and Samsung DVD .. but as I am thinking of upgrading main speakers probably to Sonus Faber, How the other speakers and sub will work with it, receiver may be outlaw ($499 model ?), let me know what do you think of this, or if you have any other suggestions, please let me know.


If I had that kind of money to spend this is what I'd do.

I'd start with a Theta Casa-Blanca-III loaded with three extreme dacs plus a few other cards (pre-amp)

Then I'd add a Theta Carmen-II Progressive scan DVD player (digital transport)

Next comes the amps, let's see, hmmmm oh yes Seven, no Eight Theta Citidel mono-blocks(one for each speaker) that should be enough!

Then it's time to give Aerial Acoustics a call. I'd start with a pair of 20t's (fronts), a CC-5 (center) five SR'3's (3-rears + 2-sides)

For sub's you probably want to stay with Aerial. let's make it four SW-12's just to be safe. I mean you wouldn't want to miss out on those Low Frequencey Effects would you?

Cabling's a no brainer for this system. Let's go with custom lengths of Nordost Valhalla to everything.

Last but not least I'd say a Runco 63" plasma display will fit nicely on the wall. This being the holidays I'd allow three weeks for delivery and set up.

OK, this is looking good, so while your waiting on the system to be delivered let's get started hiring a good electrician to wire in a dedicated 100 amp sub-panel with sixteen dedicated 20 amp circuits that's one for each current carrying piece of equipment. (I.G. of course)

Now let's do two rows of theatre seating using the new La-Z-boy leather H/T recliners and WA-LA it's done!

Man, I can here your new system screaming from here! Or is that the neighbors?

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas eat your hearts out!

WAIT A MINUTE!!! you did say you had 100,000.00 to spend RIGHT?

Auh never mind...