VTL IT-80 Question/any help appreciated

As a newbe, I am in the process of setting up a nice two channel system for a 12x20x8.5 living room in a apartment. I usually listen to vocal, rock and classical and low to medium volumes.

I am demoing a VTL IT85 along with my Spendor 1/2e s with a Yamaha CDP (which I need to upgrade). Its sounds excellent with a nice midrange and bass. Its also nice to have a compact chasis, remote and HT bypass. However, I've not have much to compare it to at home other than some old solid state. Is this a good integrated to start with and how much of a sonic difference would I get with the 2.5 and ST-85 seperates? Also, has anyone heard the biamp set up of the IT and the ST? VTL seems to be a quality company, just looking for some feedback on the IT-85 before I sink the $2750. Also, I've only seen it in black (which looks pretty good), is the silver a good color? Does anyone recommend speakers that work well with the IT-85?

Thanks for responding.
I listend to one about 3 years in my home when I was buying some new stuff. At the time I felt it was very good. I bought the 2.5 preamp and tiny triode monoblocks (no longer sold) since I felt they had a little more magic. They do not have as much power or bass so that is a draw back for me.

It seemed that the little monoblocks had a little better sound stage making the IT-85 sound flat.

I do not know if this was particular to my set up but that was my feeling at the time.

I would go with the integrated first and add the amp later if you need (want) more.
Thanks for the input. I'll probably do just that and start focusing on upgrading the CDP. Seems like enough power for now.