JBL C36s thoughts appreciated

I have some idea of their value but would like vintage collectors thoughts on these speakers. I have been using them with a vintage sherwood integrated, but have another sentimental pair my dads C38s. These JBL C36s have 16 ohm drivers consecutive serial numbers and close N2400 crossovers with paperwork. Perfect 075 tweeters numbered 29051 and 29052 still in their original mountings and the Extended range perfect D131 12" woofer/midranges numbered 18124 and 18125, Original N2400 crossovers were still attached very closely numbered 14902 and 14947. The cabinets lack legs and are intact but the veneer is badly damaged on one side and they are scratched on the others. Remarkably they still have their unfilled warranty card and they have envelopes stapled to the cabinets claiming that they are model D36131 serial number 18124 and 18125. Apparently built to order by JBL themselves. They came with a 1962 brochure which I misplaced. I have been playing them for several years and they are sonically beautiful and absolutely perfect. I think the D131 is actually better than the ubiquitous 15" D130. The JBL brochures don't have package so they must have custom built. They are faster and more precise.
The lansing heritage site should give you a good idea as to what you might expect. Any pictures ?


Best Regards