Are they all the same? I moved things around and now don't know which "wart" belongs to which component. Please advise. Thanx.
Wall warts are not all the same. They are marked with the DC voltage and maximum current output. Some of them have different sized plugs and even reversed polarity. The components they belong to should be marked to indicate the voltage and polarity. If not, check the manual. Good luck sorting it out!
What Mink said essentially. They are AC/DC power transformers whose output differ in all the ways mentioned.
I googled walwart becsue I don't know that it it is...and walmart came up....
That's funny, Branislav! I initially thought Linisfarne's post said Walmart. The term "wall wart" is a slang term for a type of power supply that transforms AC power from an outlet into DC power. The transformer and other circuitry is contained in a box with the male connectors sticking out of it so the box sits directly on the outlet, so it's hanging on the wall.....uh....like a wart.
Try wall wart.
I never shop there. They don't pay their employees enough.
I have always considered a "wall wart" a severe compromise. That's a major reason(tonearm the other) why I purchased a used Rega P9/RB1000 over a new massive(22kg) Pro-Ject Xtension 10.
"I never shop there. They don't pay their employees enough."

How much should cashiers and stock clerks make?

General "Wall Wart" compatibility guide:

1) the plug from the transformer must fit the device and have the same polarity order on the pin

2) the supplied Voltage from the transformer must be the same as required by the device (along with the same type (AC or DC))

3) the supplied Current from transformer must be the same or More than the device needs.
Shakey- A living wage?
"10-28-14: Raymonda
I never shop there. They don't pay their employees enough."

Maybe if you did some business with them, they could pay better wages.