Wadia 171 iTransport & Speakers

The Wadia 171 sounds dry, lifeless and unbearable with my Magnepans, Pass Labs and Bryston DAC, using Analysis Pus Digital Oval coaxial. With Harbeth C7s in this same system the Wadia sounds thoroughly listenable.

The Wadia also completely enjoyable through Polks in my other system.

Am I doing something wrong or are the Magnepan speakers revealing a poor sounding source? Thanks.
Maggies, Pass and Bryston are all in your face reveal all products. The Harbeth is British let's get warmer and fuzzier. The Polks mask lots. The Wadia is fine within its limitations. It's not reference. I run one with an Arcam mini Solo and some Michael Greene speakers and it sounds great.
Given your description of the Wadia's poor sound quality, I have to assume that you are comparing it to another transport feeding you Bryston DAC; probably a CD. The first thing that comes to mind is what format are you using? If you are playing something like MP-3's through the Wadia and Redbook with another transport, that could easily explain your results. Also, Pass makes a wide range of amps; some powerful, some not. Its possible that the amp is having a difficult time with the Magnepan's and not the Harbeth.

This may sound odd, but one other thing I would definitely try is unplugging all other components that are not in use when the Wadia is playing. Especially digital components. If that makes an improvement, you should be able to hear it right away.
Could it be the TV in between the speakers is acting as a reflection baffle?
One way to see is remove the TV.
Thanks for all of your advice.

I am comparing the sound of the Wadia to a CD player, both running through the Bryston DAC. The music is either ripped from original CD or downloaded, both using Apple lossless.

I will remove the TV as Audioconnection suggested to listen for a difference.
Maggies can sound dry and lifeless when driven by low powered amps. What is your power source (amp)?
Presently using Pass Labs INT-150