Wadia iTransport problem

I've just received my iTransport yesterday and got it connected. When I put it on the digital output mode with a DAC. There is a "click-Clack, click-clack" sound every time when I pressed the "STOP" or the "FORWARD NEXT" button. The noise level is quite high. I'm afraid it might demage the speakers. I also tried it on another DAC with another amplifier system. Same thing happened. Anyone have this problem ?
Mine has done that and other issues, I dont think it is a finished product.
I have been thinking about purchasing one, but thats got me thinking. What did you guys do or are doing
I had a situation with my computer to dac that sounds similar (not very loud though) and found the culprit to be the rca cable running parallel to my power cord. As soon as I separated the cables the click stopped.
I've go the follong reply from Wadia.

"Thank you for doing business with Wadia! The clicking that you are hearing is a function of the iPod and this question would be better addressed by Apple. I have this function turned off in my iPhone, but it is turned on in my iPod Video. I believe that you will find it in the settings section of your iPod, but again would ask that you check with Apple for the steps to complete this process. I can tell you that the Wadia 170iTransport is not generating this sound. You will most likely be able to find the answer to your question on Apple’s website. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions regarding the Wadia 170iTransport or any other Wadia products."

I'd then turned every setting off with no luck.

I found that when I pressed the “play” and “stop” on the touch screen of the iPod Touch, no clicking sound. The clicking sound only produced when I pressed the “STOP” and the “PLAY” button on the remote unit.

I suspect that the clicking sound is not a function of iPod. It is because my DAC has a 4 seconds delay, i.e., when I press the “STOP” button, music will still on for another 4 seconds. But the clicking sound is on right after I pressed the remote button. I believe that it is some kind of noise which is introduced by the remote receiver circuit.
Or this only happened on iPod Touch.
The iPod does have a "clicking" option, which can be heard with either my head phones or through my speakers when used with the iTransport.

While it doesn't bother me with my headphones, it does when used in my system. I went into the setting of my iPod and turned the option off.
Hi Brianmgrarcom,
I search the ipod settings and cannot find the "clicking" option. Pls advise how to set the "clicking" option off.
Hi Eric,

Go to "Settings", it is on the first Menu. Then scroll down until you get to, "Clicker", and set it to "off".

I am using a 160g Classic, I suppose your model lacks the ability to turn this on and off; I don't know enough about each model.

Hi Brian,
The IPod Touch settings has no "clicker" option. I'll borrow an IPod Classic for a trial.

I found that the clicking sound is coming from the DAC. I tried to connect the iTransport to both DACs and both of them have the clicking sound.

I turned off the preamp and power amp. I pressed the remote button and found that the clicking sound is coming from the DAC. I then disconnect the digital cable such that the DAC (with the DAC on) and the iTransport is not connected. I pressed the remote button, no clicking sound. I reconnected the digital cable, the clicking exist. The clicking sound is similar to switching a solid state relay on and off. It looks like the iTransport transmits a signal which triggers some of the solid state relay inside the DAC on and off.

I then connected the DAC to a DVD player and then press the “Play “ and “Stop” buttons of the DVD remote control and no clicking sound were heard.

All the above testing were carried out with the preamp and power amp off.