VU fun for $200

Hey guys,

Check these out: VU METERS.     

Forget the switching crap and just use them as illuminated VU meters.   They are not as cheesy as I thought they would be for $200. Work as expected.

Great gift for your audiophriend.

Meters are FUN!!!


(I cannot figure out how to add a pic to this post. ☹)



It's a phase you go through, after some years you won't care about meters. 

My Mac preamp and amp both have meters, so no thanks.  I never really look at them. 

russ69:   Pretty funny.  I had my first "phase" with meters over 60 years ago with a Heathkit.  Now it is still fun to watch while I have some sight left.   Soon, I will be looking for color lights that sync to the music LIGHTS because I can't hear either.