VTF Scale

I have a Shure VTF scale that works well. However, is there sopmething that is easier to use and NOT that much more expensive?
Check out this post on electronic VTF scale. These are more accurate and easier to use.
Hi Nghiep...which one do you recommend using? The 120-Z??
I just got a 120-Z, and it works great. Highly recommended.
nghiep, you mentioned in the earlier thread that the 120 z isn't magnetic. how do you know that? im looking for a scale and would prefer to get a non magnetic if possible. thanks.
I tested mine with a thin steel strip, known to be magnetic, balancing it like a tonearm over the scale surface. I couldn't detect any magnetic attraction at all. The scale is basically a plastic platform sitting on a strain gauge - there's not much to it. For $20 and reading to .1 gram, it's amazing.
so you have been putting your cart(is it a moving coil?) directly on the scale without any problems? if so, looks like i'm going to have to try this out.
My cartridge is MM but yes, it goes right on the scale. On my Music Hall I have to remove the platter to make room (the scale is about .5 inch thick) but that's a small sacrifice. If it's important you could put something under the scale to bring the surface up to the exact level your platter would be. I thought the difference to be inconsequential.
I placed a magnet next to my 120Z and I felt no magnetic force. I hand held the scale at the platter level to check for the VTF. I have to keep my hand steady enough so the scale remains at 0.0 gr.