How do I feed the Chord Dave? TT2 plus m scaler, a better choice?

I am hearing sources supporting Dave are serious issues to get Dave to work well. And that it’s very challenging to get Dave to perform well.

maybe the TT2 is a more prudent choice, with m scaler addon later.   Which path makes more sense?

Dave just works ... don't overthink it ... Qutest (good) >>> (better) TT2 >>> DAVE (um ... more better).
The recommendation from my Local Shop Guys is to use linear power supply which Chord  discourages.
Leaning toward LPS myself and being trusting.
A "good" IC would be high on the list. 
A moderately priced XLR Cable Pair should give you a good idea of what you can expect.
You have to sort out some of this yourself so let the fun begin ...
I am a Chord dealer.  We sell a lot of Dave’s and TT2s.  
The Dave is a brilliant DAC and is till one of the best units at its price point.  That being said, it is a little older of a model and lacks filters, etc... compared to TT2.  In a non-covid world, the Dave is in line to be update to a Dave 2 but that is not that close and is probably still a couple years away.  
The TT2 does have filters that allow you to tweak the sound which if your system is on the brighter side, is super appealing but won’t deliver the same resolution at the Dave.  
You could buy a TT2 and trade it in when the Dave 2 comes out in a couple years.  Or, you can get a Dave and be happy with it for a long time.  
Either way, an M-Scaler is a must and will be brilliant with both.  
I am a national dealer and can ship anywhere on the US.  I take trades and am happy to work with you either way.  You will have a warranty and can register, etc.  if you aren’t in the US, good luck to you.  

I have a Dave and tried the M-scaler. I prefer the Dave by itself in my system. No absolutes in Audio, only preferences. 
I am using a Chord M Scaler /Qutest combo currently and I am very happy with combination.    Also have a Innuos Zenith to a Mutec MC3 + USB reclocker.