VTF for Koetsu Urushi Red

I am using the Koetsu Urushi with the SME 312S tonearm and would like to get some advices on VTF. Thanks in advance for the information.
Use the exact same combination, tracking at 2 Gramm, Sounds wonderful

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Thanks Pbnaudio,
2 gm is the max VTF limit specified by Koetsu. I am trying 1.88 gm and I found that there is very little low frequency, or bass even is I increase the VTF. I would like to know what other other factors may affect low frequency.
I run my Koetsu stone bodies at 1.94 grams. If you are having bass issue, check your VTA.
"The General effects of improperly set VTA/SRA will be in the frequency extremes. If the setting is too high (where the arm slopes down toward the cartridge), the bass region generally gets muddy and thick, and the cartridge may sound more bright and strident than it should. Setting it too low (where the arm slopes down from the cartridge) may result in overly taught bass, and a reduction in upper frequency information. When you get the VTA/SRA right, the sound seems to lock in and become very focused, and the music will just sound right. "
What Phono Preamp do you have ?


I am using Aesthetix Rehea.
Nice preamp, but if your looking for more weight consider this one
Liberty B2B-1

And yes I do make them :-) However, you can try one out for 2 weeks paying only freight if you decide you don't like it. You can google reviews on Stereophile, Positive Feedback and here on Audiogon for more insight on this little gem.

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