Koetsu Burma Jade Platinum

Seems it is pretty rare...does someone own it and can share some impressions?
If you can afford it & you have the proper phono pre - GO FOR IT!
I have owned many Koetsu's - But not this one - But none have disappointed me in the past.
They are a tad heavy & make sure that your tone arm & weights will support it.
Syntax, Is it possible that the cartridge to which you refer goes by another name here in the US and/or in Japan? If not, I must say I have not heard of it, although lots of good quality jade does emanate from Burma, Thailand, Vietnam.

Is this the cartridge you are referring to ...
Koetsu Jade Platinum Phono Cartridge ?

At $10k a pop, not surprised there are no reviews out there.


I owned a Burma Jade, it's similar performance to Platinum Jade but a different color. Overall very light rather than the deep green of the Jade.

They were prevalent about 1999, I and another guy here in my group both had this model.

I looked in my image files and have almost every model Koetsu except this. Here is a link to image at Top Class.

I saw just a Picture at Topclassaudio from that Cartridge and it caught my interest. I never saw one and also the name "Burma Jade" was - or is- new to me.
It is a milky colored green, probably in a way a "brother/sister" of Koetsu Jade (-> deep green). Listened to Jade with Diamond Cantilever and it is glorious, really good.