Information about Koetsu please ...


I want to buy a used Koetsu Onyx cartridge but I don't know the process to recognize Onyx "classic" from Onyx Platinum.

Is there somebody to help me ?


No answer ?
I think modern koetsu cartridges include a "P" prefix before the serial number eg P124 , if they were constructed using platinum magnets or whatever . If a cartridge is said to have been upgraded to platinum status then it should come with a certificate signed by Fumihiko Sugano stating this .
I once owned both an Onyx,and then an Onyx Platinum.I don't believe they looked any different,at the time,except in my case the Onyx Platinum had a more beautiful Onyx body.Of course this is probably a unit to unit variation....But...

Sonically I DO remember the "PlATINUM" to be the better sounding design.

Hope this is of some help.No doubt you'll get more up to date info from some others.

My Jade had a P before the serial number, so my guess the Onyx Platinum is w. a P before.
Thanks for theses answers.

Sirspeedy, could you to describe the sound differences between Onyx and Onyx Platinum please ?

If I can get others opinions on these cartridges it's perfect.

Many thanks.