VS VR2's and new amps

Need more power, considering Marantz PM-15S2 as well as Cary CAA1 power amp with matching pre amp, your choice and why!!!
Hit them staright!!
Does anyone here have an opinion on either of the amps I am considering?
I own VR2s, they hold their impedance stable and high. therefore you can use tube amps easily. I used a Consonance M 100 Plus a 40 watt pp integrated. I currently use a Jadis DA-60 which is underated at 60 watts per. In any event use the Cary, I think yoi will like it . You can biwire the woofers with an SS amp if you want.
My Cayin A 50T just does not have enough juice and as a result the low end is gone. I just hate to make another couple of grand worth of a mistake this time.
I owned the VR-1s, which have the same drivers as the VR-2s, and loved them with the Monarchy SM-70 Pro monoblocks. Plenty of power and Class A goodness. I got amazing bass for monitors; you should do even better with the floorstanders.

Ok, picked up an NAD c375BEE and the VS' came back to life!Bass is back, separation, imaging, holographic presentation are all back! Anyone want to buy a wonderful Cayin tube amp? With the right speakers it will be magical, just not the Schweikerts. Thinking I will set it up with something like Nola Vipers, any thought's on the match up?
Hit them straight!!!
What do you think your missing? You said the Vons are back but now you are thinking about new speakers. Something isn't pleasing your ear. Is it the speakers, the amp or something else? I had a Bryston amp before my Mcintosh MC275, it made me stop thinking about my VR2s and more about other aspects of my system.
Oh, Jlind sorry for the confusion, I am thinking of setting up Nola Vipers with the Cayin amp as a second system. NAD VS' are here to stay.