VPI turntable repairs

Does anyone know who can do repaires to a UPS damaged turntable ....I have sent it back to VPI but they don't seem to want to repair it....I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with it......Thanks for any help
Who at VPI did you talk to? I can't believe that Sheila or Matthew would leave you hanging. You might try to talk to one of them or even Harry.
What damages exactly? Any local shops in the area? More details please.
I did talk to Sheila one day, but I must have caught her on a bad day.....She wasn't very nice to talk to....I'm pretty much done with VPI......I just would like to get it fixed so I can sell it.....The Plinth got scratched up when some other parts in the box got next to it.....Also the tone arm base got some scratches .....Will
Did you buy it from VPI or was this a private sale?
Sberger.....I have some scratches on the Plinth and some scratches on the tone arms base.....I was told by the person that I bought it from that they would replace all the damaged parts but that didn't happen either...And it been going on for quite some time.....I'm ready to move on.....No other shops with-in 400 miles....I tried to get some parts from a VPI dealer in Seattle, Washington but they couldn't even get the right belt for my VPI Jr. so my VPI experence has been less than warm......I hate to do it but I think that I'll get a Japanese turntable , then I can at least get parts.....
It was a private sale on Audiogon, and it had the factory boxes.....Price to repair it was not a issue, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem.....
Autospec give them a call again I'm sure there just might have been what they call "A Failure to communicate". We all wish you the best with the table.
Schipo: Thanks for the advice but I think I'm done with VPI.....It's quite a shame , I really like records......But I think I need to try something else....
Will, Still you haven't clearly mentioned what Model Turntable this is? All I see mentioned at this point, is the word "Jr"?

Is this a HW-19 Table? Or?

If it is a HW-19 Table, there may be diffculty getting much in the way of parts, or repair. VPI dropped support of this Table, being that it was made for a good 25 years, and while they have some parts still available, some things like Plinths, Armboards are most likely non-existent. Custom fabrication will be the only way, unless one could catch used parts here, but you may be in for a long wait.

If it is a more current model (Scout) then there should be no problem for any parts. Mark
I am sure if you speak to Harry he offer some kind of repair deal Its worth a try otherwise you going to be out by a lot of money and it will not be easy to sell what you have.
Was the package insured as might be worth seeing if you can get some compensation also the seller should help you out with this
Well I and others have had different experiences with VPI on the phone, mine mostly positive, others I know, the opposite.
You might try again, and ask for Mike, or just as you say
"move on". It is a big world out there, and plenty of ways to listen to music, vinyl and digital. VPI is a small company, that is selling probably about as much as they can make, and at times seem to get overwhelmed by the amount of interest. I don't think it is because they don't care. On the other hand maybe when you are selling more then you can build, you may develop an attitude ? You will have to decide how much you want to take I guess !! 2 sides to every story.
Besides the exact Model of Tuntable . We need to know what Tonearm is mounted on it . If it is something other than a VPI you might look elsewere for help .
From your original post, you state that you need a "repair". Then your replies seem to state that your table has scratches...this is a "cosmetic" issue, not a repair issue per se. Have you tried using the table and listening to it? These are wonderful tables. Also, the seller never should have had ANYTHING that could have come loose anywhere near the plinth. I understand that's water under the bridge at this point, but it's the seller's fault this happened for improper packaging.

Once and if you ever listen to it, maybe the cosmetic issues won't be a big deal.

Parts for the these do come up from time to time on Audiogon. There is a MKII plinth for sale right now that would upgrade your JUNIOR, (if that is what you have, we really don't know for sure).

What's that old adage...don't throw the baby out with the bath water...
Markd51: Actually mine is a Aeries with the 10.5 tonearm.........I was hoping maybe someone in the west did repairs on these......
Tubeo: Mine is a Aeries I with the 10.5 tonearm.... I would need some parts for the tonearm base and the Plinth is scratched.....I can't tell what the Plinth is made of or I would repair it myself......
The OP isn't giving enough info for anyone to give a reasoned reply. What model tt? What tonearm? Are the scratches on the arm board, or on the tonearm itself? Etc.

Saying that, I'll guess at what's going on:

You've got an HW-19 JR. These were often shipped with an Audio Quest tonearm.

Plinth scratches? VPI has no one on board to spend the time to come up with innovative, one-off repairs to a finish of an out-of-production tt, or even do a complete refinish. They no longer carry the plinths for this deck. If you had a tt that they had parts for, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to ship you an entire new plinth. This is a problem, however, that could easily be sourced out locally, or even done diy.

Tonearm base scratches? I'll assume you mean the armboard. VPI no longer carries armboards for the HW-19 series. However, again, this is a project that could be easily sourced out locally. Are the scratches actually on the "tonearm base"? If the tonearm is JMW, I'm sure VPI would send you the appropriate part. If not a JMW, VPI does not have access to the many, many tonearms that might have been mounted on the decks.

There reaches a point, especially with outdated products, where a person has to do more legwork than simply calling a manufacturer and dumping the whole mess in their lap. A belt-drive turntable isn't an artificial heart-it's a simple machine on which anyone can learn to do simple repairs. You can 'be discouraged' if you must, but if you reach that point from a few cosmetic scratches, maybe vinyl isn't for you.

Once again, all conjecture-no info.
Is it the Piano finish? You may want to check with a piano shop, I'm sure they have the expertise in repairing such matters.

If they cannot repair it (it sounds like you may be in the Seattle area), if you absolutley cannot stand it, I'll take it off your hands. Just think of my pain, but I'm that kind of guy, I'll suffer so you don't have to. : )

Seriously, give the piano experts a look.
By the way, I believe the plinth on your model is acrylic.
Mofimadness: To give credit to the seller , he has offered to take care of the repaires but the problem is I can't seem to get it repaired..If someone would have just told me when the repairs can be completed I would waited for that to happen....I have spent quite a little money in this project at this point with a VPI PLC and Audio Research Phono pre-amp and cartridge.....Plus building a special stand for it......This has been going on since before Christmas... I sent it to VPI in the first of January.....If I knew what the Plinth was made of I could repair it myself.....The parts on the base I could make, but I'm losing interest at this point and I don't even have it back yet.....Will
Johnbrown: If you will read my reply I tell what turntable it is and the problems I am having whit repaires
Tonydec: I live in Lewiston, Idaho ....About 250 miles from Boise or about 350 from Seattle......I like the piano repair person idea.....Maybe I'll look into that....Maybe I'll go to church this sunday and pray for it......
OK, Then here's what I gather, to sum it all up from what Will says...

It is an original Aries 1 Table. As far as I know, this Table had an all Black Acrylic Base. From what I'm assuming here,I then take it that VPI no longer manufactures any parts for this Table either, such as an entire new Plinth? Correct? In this scenario, I can then understand why VPI is at a loss of what to do?

So, with that being said, what Plinths does VPI have in stock? There's nothing at all unusual to VPI about thier own JMW 10.5 Arm, which is still a production item. Nor, I'm sure there's nothing odd-unusual about the Aries Platter to them either.

So I ask this then, and these questions should be asked when speaking to Mike, or Harry at VPI? What Plinths could possibly then be used as swap out item, saving the JMW Arm, the Aries Platter, and the Aries Motor?

Could an Aries 3 Plinth be used, and all the other Parts "plopped on board", and be compatible? Would the Aries 1 Motor fit the cutout of an Aries 3, or Scoutmaster Plinth-Base?

What about a TNT Plinth, if VPI still has these in stock?

I'm sure such parts such as a entirely new Aries 3 Plinth isn't going to be cheap, but these are perhaps options I would persue, there would be nothing at all wrong in my eyes having a a "Custom" Aries 3 Plith, with Aries 1 Platter, as the Aries 1 Platter is no doubt better than what comes on the Aries 3 currently. The Aries 1 Platter would almost be like having a Super Platter, and as well, the Super Platter could as well be an option.

If something like this could be done, and the prices are sort of high, perhaps this is something you yourself could work out with the seller, and what claims could possibly be collected from the Shipper, then you pay the difference in price for essentially a brand new Table? Keep in mind if another Plinth-Base Can be used, that you may need new, compatible Footers as well.

In this scenario with brand new current model Plinth, you may as well ask to recieve the old, damaged Aries 1 Plinth back from VPI, and could possibly sell such parts here on Agon to help offset some of the cost for these new parts?

Just some thoughts I had, I hope these ideas help you and the seller come to a very satisfactory-happy ending. Mark
If we are only dealing with scratches on the plinth, this is mostly cosmetic and might be resolved like Markd51 has suggested, with another and much improved plinth. Built using your own specification or even with help using info from the net and here. With improved materials, looking and much improved then original. I would also look into if you feel like keeping the original plinth with contacting a plastic and acrylic store to see if they have a solution to this. I for one would keep the Aries and work towards an improved version.
In all fairness to Sheila,she has contacted me about repairing my turntable.....I cannot ask for anymore.....I will not respond to further e-mails reguarding this item or or its repair.....Will
Autospec VPI contacted you so what was their opinion with repairing the table?
Will, pardon me, but you came on here all over VPI, asked for opinions, and suddenly forget, you will no longer respond ?

At least you could tell us what happened, and the fix, to at least give us an idea on what VPI is doing for us as customers ?
Waynefia: I have been working on this for quite some time....I guess that it may require some more time...I will need to see what happens .... " Patience is a virtue " Will