vpi tonearm v.s. clearaudio

im considering the vpi scoutmaster or the clearaudio performance table. i was pretty sold on the vpi but am a little unsure about the jmw tonearm i.e. floating on a pin,afterthought antiskate, id prefer to buy american but that satisfy carbon tonearm on the clearaudio seems better thought out, also that new bearing system for the platter sounds cool.there the same price with the same look,but the sound and reliability are most important. ive found a clearaudio dealer but none with vpi for comparison. any opinions ?
I can't speak for the JMW arm, but I have a Clearaudio Satisfy arm and am very happy with it. I replaced a Rega RB300 with OL structural mod and Cardas rewire, and found it to be much more to my liking.
I have a JMW 10.5i. There is on these posts some trepidation because of it seeming unstable. It does react unstable when you hold it, however it is a very stable arm in the groove. There is no bumping, tipping, etc. when its playing records. There is no easier tonearm to dial in the correct VTA for each and every record. All components have their pluses and minuses. The clearaudio has a lighter sound, the VPI has a more solid sound. I'm sure anyone would be happy with either one. I stongly urge you to see and listen to both. I have and am very happy with the JMW..I chose it above all others because for me, it does the job. By the way, after 3 minute of manipulating the tonearm, you will have no feeling of the "dancing on the end of a pin"..it will just feel natural.
By the way..If you're in New Jersey, you are welcome to come over and play with my VPI to see if you like it.

Where in NJ are you? I ask since I am interested in the 5a speaker system and see that you have it. I am in Ridgewood-of course this is presumptious on my part to assume you would allow me to hear them in something other than a dealer showroom.