VPI SSM with Rim Drive - New belts ???

One of my drive belts just broke on my SSM with the Rim Drive. Has any other members gotten their hands on the new improved silicone drive belts? I have dilemma on my hands. For starters a big Labor Day BBQ. I Crazy Glued the broken belt back together and spun a couple dics. However, both belts show serious cracking. Will the Crazy Glue hold? Most likley not. Suggestions on where to get replacements over night? Thank you in advance for your input.
Use thread or fishing line. Some VPI users replace the nitrile belts with them and proclaim it superior (I've never tried it).

Check other threads for the exact type of material used.

Hope you're up and spinning on Labor Day!

I've never tired different belt material either. Does fishing line have enough grip? Also I've never heard of the silicon belts. Are they a new option from VPI?
The new silicone belts are suppose to be an improvement over the rubber belts supplied with the Rim Drive Upgrade. However, they are not available yet ........
Industrial supply houses will sell large o-rings. Not sure as big as a "rim" drive and not meant for these purposes (will twist and rotate) but might be good enough for the weekend. Look for a .06 to .09" cross section diameter in the circumference you want. Usually in stock and delivered the next day. MSC and McMaster Carr are the biggest.

Jin S.
Sonofjim...VPI has (or is in the process of having) a new ring for the rim drive....not new belts as I understand it. Shiela promised one to me when its ready...I'll let you know what I think, or you can ask for one for yourself.
Stringreen. I inquired and Mike told me that all three rubber rings will get replacements of the silicon variety. They will be available late September. I tried calling them prior to this thread but they are closed until September 16th. No luck either trying to get a dealer to break a sealed box and sell me belts. They don't even have a part number available to get them! I'm sort in a jam as the tread acknowledges.............
I had problems getting an O-Ring style belt for an Oracle table.I went to an industrial supply shop(Specialty Tool Santa Barbara) and purchased o-ring material sold by the foot.They had an Adhesive Loctite 404 specificaly for it.Worked like a charm.The belt material was about 75 cents a foot.The adhesive was around $18.On the other hand Oracle answered all my e-mails in french and wanted $68 for a belt.Though it was a precision fabricated drive mechanism.