VPI SDS question

Here`s my question.I currently have a VPI TNT JR and have thinking of adding a SDS controler to it. Here`s the problem , due to the size of our house the peices for the system only have one outlet including turntable. All the peices are pluged into a line conditioner. The amp is pluged directly into the other half of the outlet due to the size of the amp ( mac 352)through a 6 foot power cord. So if I were to buy a SDS it would have to be plugged into the line conditioner. So would that benifit me sonicly by doing this or just not by a SDS and buy more vinyl. David
The SDS will do a better job of providing a proper waveform of AC power to your turntable motor than the Monster AC filter. This helps assure smooth torque from the motor, which could reduce flutter even though you do have a fairly massive platter. The SDS also permits relatively precise fine speed adjustment, in case your speed is not perfect. I have had no problem powering my SDS from my system power line conditioner. Good luck.
The other thing the SDS does (for me) is that it stops the noise from the SAMA getting into other components (I'm not an electrical engineer, but I think that the electric return was dirty).

I also plugged my SDS into the mains filter (Chang Lightspeed 9600).

good luck,
I would highly suggest you spend your money on installing a dedicated 20 amp line to your audio room. I believe you would get better results than crowding your one line with all that load.
The SDS ia one of the best things you will do to improve the sound of your VPI turntable. Plugging it into the line conditioner will be fine. It may not be the best-best way but I do it without any detectable sound effects.
definitelty plug the SDS into the line conditioner - that's what it's for
Thanks guys for your imput, I guess I will give the SDS a shot. David