VPI Scout and Scoutmaster Owners: Another Question

How much do you tighten the screws of the feet? Because of the rubber/sponge washer thing in between the feet and the bottom of the table, you can tighten the feet in varying degrees.
As tight as they need to be in order to ensure that the table is perfectly level on it's shelf. Depending on the shelf your table is sitting on, one or two may be "ratcheted" down further than another. Put a spirit level on your platter and adjust the feet. Make sure the bubble is centered both right to left and fron to back.
I concur with Slipknot1. I'd also add that if the feet are adjusted wildly different to each other you should level the rack rather than the table itself. Definitely get a spirit level (a few dollars from any hardware store) -- mine is permenently lying on my platter ('cos I'm paranoid like that ;-)
I think I understand your question to mean should you "torque" them up.

I hadn't even though of that. I just adjust until the table is level, then try to reduce the height until one of the legs starts getting difficult to tighten. I do this to ensure the motor pully is at the correct height for operation.

Bit of a hassle getting everything even, I am probably not the only VPI owner who wishes the table had three legs.