vpi classic -phono cable

I am looking for a 2 meter phono cable to match my shindo amps and pre along with a benz ace medium mc. I need rca to rca cable that is very musical to match my equipment . My other cables are shindo between pre and cd player for info .
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Any IC will work just as well if not better then a "Phono" cable. Try one you have and you will see what I mean.
I have yet to buy a phono cable that betters the least expensive Harmonix. I have had great success with others, it's just what sounds best to you.
How about the VPI phono cable?

They have a 2 meter length one. I use their 1 meter phono cable and they are great!
I have a VPI and am using it balanced with Anti-Cables connected to my preamp with great satisfaction.
I use a Furutech ag-12 phono cable between my TW Raven .5 and my Shindo Masseto and have been very happy with it. I also use Shindo silver between amp/pre along with audience cable for digital. All 3 manufactuers have similar tone and are reasonabley priced.
I would recommend the VPI cable as well, but I see the Shindo Labs ones are silver, whereas the VPI's are made with Discovery cable which is copper. I don't know of a silver tonearm cable, as I am strictly a copper guy.
Silver works very well for tonearm cable; whether it is better than copper depends on your taste. Right now I am using silver on both tables, including Siltech on a VPI Classic but I have also used copper, it depends more on the cable construction than the material.
I initially had the VPI phono cable on my Scout. Swapping this to an Audience AU-24 was an improvement, in my books. I would consider the VPI cable a starter cable, from which you can compare others.
Try the pure silver Extremephono tonearm cable.

thank you everyone for your input,very well appreciated
i have an aries 3 and i use a vpi rca-rca phono cable which i am very satisfied with the sound