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Diana Krall Survey
Shes actually looks better in photos than she really does. A great vocal talent. 
which cowboy junkies cd?
Be Good Tonyas played in Vancouver a few weeks ago....apparently not defunct! 
How are Hig-End Speakers Priced?
the reputable speaker manufacurers price their speakers off parts cost plus marketing,distribution, research + profit. Its a hard go in the hiend industry these days. Companies without substance tend to fail eventually. 
Benefits of brand synergy
I agree with Kclone, definite synergy in staying with the same brand for amp/preamp. One of the best systems I ever heard was Meridian cd/pre/amp with Sonus faber speakers. Find a brand you like and commit to it. Mix and match approach can work, b... 
Magnum Dynalab MD809T
no, but i own a 102T tube tuner with a built in Dac and their products are superb. I am sure it is fully thought out, however internet audio is compressed band width and I am sure they can only take it so far with a flawed source. 
Seeking floorstander for low watt SET
Give a listen to the Devore O96's. They are very, very nice in performance and build quality. 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
Doctorb:I also own the O96/HB. I have found them to be great, but yes they can be a bit overwhelming in the bass end. I have about 200 hours on mine. Sometimes its not the amount but the slight bass "flabiness" to them. They do like space around t... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
with reasonably efficient speakers (90+), I say pretty much any Shindo Labs amp. 
Speaker height vs ceiling height
get 7 foot 1 inch speakers, then you can use them to support the ceiling...dual purpose 
Minimum room size for Wilson Sophia II
You have very nice sytem that is itching for a good room. Gee 500 watt monoblocks and Wilsons in a 12 by 10 room. Cant be a good thing, no matter how much room treatment you do. 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
Devore fidelity is a pretty small company. John seems to do everything from design, production, to marketing and customer support. He likely has limited resources to produce enough o96's to distribute them to all the dealers. They appear to be cus... 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
DirtbagI have a Haut Brion, which I have owned for years and have no desire to upgrade, it's really that good. Its a little powerhouse with the O96's in place.Yes I try to support the local dealers, but sometimes its just not possible. Cost wise t... 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
DirtbagI bought them through Matt at Pitch Perfect Audio in San Fran. The local dealer in Vancouver, who works out of his house was not able to order them in for me. Apparently the O96's are being sold only through "select dealers", much like the ... 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
They are definitely in production as I have a pair being delivered to my home today. Apparently, unlike the Gibson series no one else but John oversees the construction of the O/96's. 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
Cfluxa:What was the approximate size of the ILS room?