VPI cartirdge alignment?

I took possession of a new VPI Classic and (unmounted) Soundsmith Zepher MKIII. While mounting the cartridge I found that the wire connectors coming out of the arm are so long, that once installed on the cartridge pins, they interfere with the arm tube at the back of the headshell.  WTF!  I simply cannot get proper cartridge alignment because of this interference!!

I hate the idea of cutting into new wires and trying to shorten or modify the connectors.  VPI's suggestion was to use a spacer under the headshell to gain some clearance (and by the way they have never heard of this happening before).  Again, WTF..... I thought the Soundsmith was designed to work with the VPI?  Actually I don't see how any cartridge could align properly on this arm with the supplied wires/connectors unless the cartridge aligned at the very front of the headshell.  Alignment on the Zepher occurs about midway back in the headshell......interference!!!

Anyone had this issue with a new VPI arm/wiring/connectors?

Thanks in advance all.
I assume that you are referring to the tonearm cartridge clip tabs that are causing the interference. You can always trim back the tabs a touch

Are you trying to shove the excess wire down the inside of the arm or are you letting it loop out the sides?
Actually, I did hear of this issue with Soundsmith cartridges.  All VPI arms have no trouble with any other cartridge.  If you can't resolder the clips, send the arm back to VPI (or if you have a dealer) to reterminate the clips
The "clips" are actually push-on connectors which terminate the tone arm wires.  They push on to the contact pins coming out of the cartridge.  Even pushed all the way on the contact pins the connectors interfere with the arm tube while aligning the cartridge.  The wires are hanging to the side of the headshell.

So re-terminating the clips sounds like the way to go.  Or if I get brave I'll cut back the insulation a bit and see if I can cut or grind the connect a bit shorter.  I've never had this much trouble trying to mount a cartridge.

Thanks all...
If the cartridge pins are seated all the way to the back the cartridge clips, then re-terminating or cutting back the cartridge clips won't help as the cartridge pins are what are causing the problem.   Perhaps SoundSmith can modify your cartridge pins to make them shorted?
Hey testpilot.....the cartridge pins are fairly short.  It's the connectors on the end of the wiring that are about 1/2" long and fairly solid.  Like extreme overkill on the connectors.  I'll peal back the insulation and see if I can shorten the connectors some how.  Will advise...
Any reason you don't want to try VPI's solution of installing a spacer between the cart and the tonearm?  That seems a lot easier than modifying the clips or the tonearm wires.  I've had this problem with an older VPI arm (JMW 10) and a Denon 103.  But I was able to make it work by jiggering the cart and the wires a bit.  Didn't look like it would fit at first but it did in the end.  I think you can get a spacer like that from Music direct, etc. 
I suggest trimming back the insulation since there should be al least a 1/4 inch excess. I would cut it back at the tip of each pin this way you can't damage the wires. Then I would slide the remainder of the insulation forward or push the brass pins back. Hopefully this works as it appears that the insullation is heatshrunk around the pins. You may want to apply some hair dryer heat to the insullation prior to pushing it forward or back. Otherwise you can order the raw insulation from VPI terminate and heat shrink yourself. 
Thanks all for the feedback.  In "modifying" the connectors I broke one completely off at the wire, so, I'm going to take the arm to a local shop and have all 4 wires re-terminated.  I don't have the eyes or tools to do it myself.  I'm still stoked about my VPI.  Look for my report once I'm up and running!