Von Schweikert VR-1 question

At this point seriously considering getting a pair of VR-1s, but before I do was wondering just how revealing these speakers would be toward my source (Onkyo DC-C540 CD Changer)? To my ears, it's a good sounding player, but I also realize that perhaps the speakers that I'm currently using (Boston Acoustic A-60s) are more forgiving of modest components. I also believe the rest of my system should work well with VR-1s (Jolida 502A, AQ CV-6 w/DBS speaker wire and AQ Diamondback IC), and I certainly hope to upgrade the CDP at some point down the road, but for the time being, the Onkyo is going to be the source. Being that's the case, I would certainly would want speakers that would allow me to enjoy my music with the components that I currently have, knowing well that when I do replace the CDP with a better unit, that I'll be reaping further sonic improvements. So I guess the two questions are, one, would VS VR-1s work well with the components that I currently have? And two, if not, would I be better off looking for a pair of speakers that are a little more "forgiving" (suggestions welcomed) of the source? Please remember that I'm a man of modest means, trying to put together a good sounding, affordable system, one step at a time. Thanks.
FYI, RAM does mods to the crossovers of these speakers, just read about on their web site, looks pretty interesting.
In my expereince the Vr1s have sounded exceptionally good with everything I have played them with. I have several pair and other VR speakers. These are absolutely phenomenal speakers. Floor stander neutral sound with Bass to 40Hz from a compact 13 lbs solidly built monitor. "Forgiving" speakers if these is such a thing are speakers that add coloration. Vr1s don't add coloration; they let the music through. I would be more worried about the quality of the RECORDING than the quality of the CD player. There are great recording out there and those are the ones to listen to. Try anything by Steely Dan, esp "Goucho." Try Fleetwood Mac "Rumors." try Esteban's "Enter the heart"
I don't know what power the Jolida puts out...I'm using a hybrid integrated 120 watt per side amp and the speakers sound phenominal....if you buy, make sure to get the matching stands and these speakers sound super with the VS1 sub....I have this rig in my second system...the VR1's don't need big power....call dealer Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound, Bristol, Pa....he'll give you a straight answer without trying to sell you anything...super friendly, knowledgeable guy.
VR1's are "high" end in my opinion.
Larry K.

I own the VR-1s and, like you, have tubes in my system - I'm running a tube preamp. My VR-1s sound great with all my sources - vinyl, CD, tuner and computer. I think the tubes make all the difference, so my guess is you'll be as pleased as I am. You'll enjoy them now, and enjoy them even more when you upgrade your CDP.

That said, Audiodoc is also correct. Every change you make that increases your resolution also increases the difference between good and bad recordings. Then best news is that on good recordings, you'll hear things you never heard before.

Remember that the VR-1s are considerably smaller than your A-60s, so you may need different stands. Solid stands are important.
I love the VR-1s. They will mate well with the components you have. Mine even sound great in a wall bookshelf! (WAF) They will sound even better properly placed, but are not picky about placement. When they are properly placed you will hear a tall and broad soundscape with pinpoint placement of instruments, a realistic midrange for voices and stringed instruments, and solid bass. I added an REL 108 to the room. With a bigger room, I would recommend the VS-1. A great combo!

Appreciate all your responds. Going to have another listen to the VR-1s with some of my "less than perfect" recording and see how "revealing" these speakers are, and would it be something I could live with (btw, I collect a lot of "live recordings", so a "to revealing speaker" could be an issue). No doubt, these are some excellent speakers, especially for the price, but I want to make sure that they are excellent speaker for me, as I'm the type of person who when they buy audio equipment, has a tendency to keep (and enjoy) them for a long, long time. Once again, thanks to all of you for your comments.
I owned a pair of VR-1s for several months and switched back and forth with a pair of Boston Acoustics A40s (one step down from the A60 in their line at the time) using a Rega Mira integrated to listen to classical music webstreams via a Squeezebox. I found the VR-1s to be too revealing with what is admittedly an inferior source (I never made a comparison between the two speaker models using CDs, LPs or FM) and preferred the A40s. I sold the VR-1s and the A40s as well and replaced them with the Boston Acoustics T930, which has the same tweeter, I believe, as the A40 and A60 but which gives me a better midrange and bass than the A40 did while retaining the generally warm and mildly colored character of the Boston Acoustics sound from that period.
Thank you, Mark. You're saying things that in some ways that I'm feeling. When I listen to my music, it's more emotional than intellectual. I like the VR-1s, but in listening to them I sometimes wonder if they are more intellectual than emotional. Don't get me wrong, I do like a smart speaker, but I do need the "heart and soul". Granted the VR-1s are great speakers, and what they do, they do well, and I can easily understand why people like them, and I do want to like them myself, but in listening to them I sometimes wonder, is this an infatuation or this love? Truth be told, I want a speaker that I can love. Sounds weird, but truth be told that's really what it's all about.

Given the goals stated in your last post, you might want to consider upgrading your CDP first, and your speakers second. I used an Adcom GCD-575 for 15 years when it finally gave up the ghost, and replaced it with an Onix XCD-88 (now the XCD-99). It's affordable and was a huge jump in sound quality. By doing your source first, you may be able to retain your system's "heart and soul" at every step, rather than sacrificing it for the new speakers.

And always remember Rule #1: If you're happy with your system's sound, leave it alone!

I think my CDP is really not the problem. I actually think that while I really like/love my speakers (Boston Acoustic A-60s) there are things I wish they did better. I like the warmth that they have, but wish they had a little less coloration, and a little more clarity. Also, while I think the A-60s have pretty decent imagery, and frequency responds and good voicing, I wish that the sound staging was somewhat deeper. Guess what I'm looking for is a pair of speakers that gives me everything I like about the A-60s, but with the things I wish they did better. And in a sense, I have a good starting place, as I know what I got, and know what I'm looking for. Basically I'm looking for something better and not just different. It's a search and I think eventually I'll find what I'm looking for (and of course, I do appreciate whatever suggestions people give me, whether or not it works out or not). Bottom line, I'm in no hurry, and I'll know when I find what I'm looking for. btw, I do appreciate all suggestion I get, and I do try to track down most of them.

The VR-1 will reveal what's upstream. No doubt about it. Consider the small floorstanding Totem Arros as an alternative. Not necessarily better or worse than the VR-1...just a different flavor.

If you're looking for better soundstaging, you might want to experiment with speaker placement and a little room treatment before you go changing speakers. You might find your A-60s can give you what you want if they're tweaked a little.

Tvad's suggestion of Arros is a very good one. Another possibility is the Ascend Acoustics CBM-170. I demoed a pair before I bought the VR-1s, although it was the older model, not the current SE version. They may give you what you want, although you'll probably want to add a sub at some point.
Tvad and Amstrod,

Appreciate your suggestions. As far as speaker placements, treatments, ect. I have experimented with my speakers, and I think I have gotten the best I can get out of them, considering the circumstance I live with. Number one, I live in a second story condo, with a common floor and wall. So floorstander and subwoofers are somewhat out of the question due to "sound bleed" issues (one of the "joys" of living in a condo). Nevertheless, I think in time, I'll find the speakers that I'm looking for. I might be a little "anal" in that search, and it may take me awhile, but the one thing I DO have going for me, is I KNOW what I like, and I KNOW what I'm looking for. Now finding those speakers, and at the price I want to pay, that's going to be the challenge. But you know, that's also part of the fun.

Y'all take care.
11-14-06: Cleaneduphippy
I live in a second story condo, with a common floor and wall. So floorstander and subwoofers are somewhat out of the question due to "sound bleed" issues.

You should do some quick research into Totem Arros before you dismiss them due to their floorstander status. They're diminutive, and they're hardly going to shake the floor more than stand mounted monitors in any significant measure.
Nothing against Totem Arros or any other floorstanders for that matter, but I find for myself, I generally like monitor/bookshelf types of speakers better.

Speaking of monitors, I just got an email from an Usher dealer down in Richmond, and he's finally getting the new V-601s in, so guess I'll ride down there the Friday after Thanksgiving and give them a listen. Heard the Usher S-520, and liked them but thought that they might have trouble filling up my room and was waiting for Usher to come out with something a larger that was in my price range.
CHeck out some of the british monitors which i feel would be right up your alley...the top end being proac and spendour...or castle if you are on a tighter budget...these have the classic mid-bass warmth that brit speakers are famous for...with a more engaging midrange and sweeter top end that your BAs...truth be told...sounds like you would really enjoy Vandersteens....all the best..
I had a pair of VR-1s for a number of years. They're exceptional speakers.

That being said, I like my current Usher X-718s much better. I'm pushing them with a Cayin A-70T tube integrated with phenomenal results. Bass is just as deep, if not deeper, and highs are every bit as extended, airy, and smooth as the VR-1s. In addition, the midrange on the Ushers is more pleasing and they just convey the emotion of the music better for me.
Epos another brit designed speaker with great midrange realism...M5s and old M12s are amazing values...
The VR1 are awesome, I'd suggest not worrying about it and just going for them. They're friendly to cheaper gear, but as you improve the other components they will continue to sound better. They are room friendly, and just a an easy to use and easy to like speaker. Not too warm and not too cold.

I use them as rears right now