Vista 44.1KHz pass thru?

I'm looking at setting up a pc-based music server and have been debating whether to get a Mac, which will output 44.1KHz via a toslink output without any fuss, or a Windows XP-based pc, which involves bypassing kmixer.

My question is, does this situation change when Windows Vista is released? Will Vista allow a 44.1KHz digital output using Windows Media Player?

Is anyone out there tinkering with a beta version and can answer this question?

If I had to make the decision between a PC and a Mac I would not let this be the determining factor. As you said, you can output unmolested audio from a windows based machine with a simple plugin. I do not see why this would change with a new version of windows. What I'm trying to say is that you can reach your goal of bit perfect output with either machine. Which operating system are you most comfortable or experienced with? Are there other programs that you use that require either a Mac or a PC? That's the type of thing I would think about.
Hey there,
From what I've been reading/hearing is that Microsoft is totally redesigning the audio sub system and getting rid of kmixer, in favour of a bit perfect high quality design