Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 MC Phono gain

Does anyone know how much gain there is in the MF NuVista M3 phono input when switched to MC. The manual only speaks to the MM setting, but I understand there is an internal switch for MC cartridges.
Enough to work with a Denon 304 or AT 33EV. I have used both. There is a switch.
If you open it up - all those little screws - towards the rear of the amplifier, kind of right-center, there is a very small, white dip switch that is labeled MM/MC. There are two switches on it, both of which have to be moved to MC.

I had one that I used with an Audio Technica OC-9, and it did not have enough gain to match the CD input, and I ultimately wound up using an outboard phono pre, which also sounded better regardless of gain or volume. Nice amplifier otherwise.
Plenty enough gain for my Lyra Delos or Ortofon Kontrapunkt B.