Question for TRI-VISTA owners

Are there any Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD owners that are using custom aftermarket power cords ? If so, could you please explain to me what type of iec connector (115 volts) Musical Fidelity is using. The stock cord iec is rectangular shaped (no 45 degrees on 2 corners) with 3 conductors, all conductors are horizontally oriented. The manual calls it an IEC type mains lead 16 amp type . Are there adapters available or is everybody using stock cord ?
I am using the JPS Labs Digital Power Cord on mine. The Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD player takes a 20 amp cord when you get an aftermarket cord. The Tri-Vista Integtrate amp also takes a 20 amp cord.
I’m using a Virtual Dynamic Nite power cord on the one I have with a 20 Amp cord.
Hey Pettyfeversk.... can you elaborate on what type of sonic change occured once you attached the JPS Digital Power cord to the unit? I have one on order and am hoping it will really open this unit up. I put one on my Denon
DVD-2900 and it made a huge difference! Thanks!