Virtual Dynamics PC3

I recently was looking at the classifieds here at Audiogon, I came across the Virtual Dynamic PC3, So i went and did a search in the disscusion forum and found some info on it but not much.
Can anyone who has actually tried this cord let me know what you think of it. And if possible give comparitive's of cord's that you know it's better than. I currently am using asylum and absolute cord's and would like to upgrade
Thank's in advance. Chuck,
Hi, I might be able to help you in about two to three weeks. I just placed an order with Rick at Virtual Dynamics for three of his Power 2 cords. I was running all Absolute Power Cords and recently upgraded my Blue Circle BC22's cord to an Acoustic Zen Tsunami and liked the difference.

On the recommendation of an Agon member I contacted Rick in Canada and spoke with him on the phone for about 45 minutes. He's very passionate about his products, and a nice fellow to boot. He offers a 14 day trial period on his cables, so I thought I might take a chance. Heck everything I've bought on Audiogon I've never heard before.

Basically, I'm trying to tweak my system and clean up my power conditioning so I can evaluate it more accurately before doing any other cable upgrades. I'll let you know how it goes.
I own the Power 2i from Virtual Dynamics. I am very impressed with the build quality of this cord. Sound wise it was slightly better than the Harmonic Technology Pro-Ac 11 i had previously. Rick is a wonderful person to deal with also, i wouldnt hesitate to buy from him again. I might add i also have the Reference IC from him also and like it as well.
I have a couple Power 3's and an Audition. My system has been transformed, REALLY!!
I even god one for my Magnum Dynalab Etude Tuner and what a difference! I would get one of them for sure... They're inexpensive and increase your system's musicality. Give them a try, you won't be dissapointed. The Audition is a good deal too because it has three seperate cables like the reference and signature models. I use the Audition with my player and it removed ALL the digital hash and made everything right.
Hey Buck,
Do you feel the Audition is worth the extra investment compared to the power 3? Also, which component did you use the Audition and which did you use the power 3?
Audition is much better that Power 3... I use Power 3 on the amp and Audition on the Player.
The Audition claims use of more 'Dynamic Filtering' and the conductors are all separated. I use the Audition on the Player to keep the digital hash from going back into the feed so it doesn't affect the Tuner and the Amp.
Seems like a good combo... Although if I had the cash handy I'd go with the Signature all around :)
Just my 2c
I have recently purchased the Nite series IC's and digital, also Signature power cords on all other components (5 total), plus the Reference speaker cables. The combination is simply fabulous! Every aspect of performance is enhanced. The removal of electronic "hash or artifacts" is removed---if you have not experienced this effect, it is remarkable. The pricing is extemely reasonable and much better than the "big" names. If you are on a budget--start with power cords on your digital, then go to power amp, then preamp. Next do the digital cable, then interconnect, then speaker cables. I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!! Plus, you have a money back guarantee!! There is no downside. Rick is a very nice guy -- and not in any way high pressure.
Hi Fleeceba. I'm happy to report that the Virtual Dynamics are working great in my system. I bought 3 of Rick's Power 2 cords and placed them on my transport, DAC and preamp. They've been in my setup and constantly on for over a week and a half, and the difference is now very noticeable.

Everything sounds so much bigger and lifelike. It's like finally being able to take a deep breath and smell the garden after living so long with congested sinuses. Soundstage is wider and deeper. The music is less strained and more open.

The Absolute Power Cords were good, but by comparison they sounded a bit closed in. I'm using an Acoustic Zen Tsunami on my amp. I plan on experimenting with the cords on different components, but for now I am VERY happy and just want to enjoy the music.

Good luck!
Thank's Gunbei, for your feedback after reading it i ordered two of the power three's. I talked with Rick at virtual Dynamics and he said for the $20.00 difference it would be well worth it. By the way do the cords bend easily.
Thank's again to everyone who posted on this subject.
Rick is nice guy isn't he? The Power 2s are about 7/8" in diameter and while I wouldn't say they bend easily, I did manage to get three of them plus the AZ Tsunami to fit behind a rack with only one foot clearance to the back wall. Lot's of snaking and pretzeling, but it worked.

One thing I should add about the sonic characteristics of the Virtual Dynamics cords is the MUCH blacker background. The sound seems to disappear and reemerge from nothingness. Quite spooky sometimes. That coupled with the increased overall air renders a much more realistic image.

I think you'll be happy with them. I'm thinking of buying a Power 1 or Reference cord for my transport and moving one of the Power 2s to the subwoofer.

Good luck!