Virtual Dynamics Nite vs New Master Series

i actually own an NITE IC wich i am very satisfy i just want to know if somebody ever have the chance to compare it to the new virtual dynamics IC call the MASTER SERIES ?
Check my cable thread on 3-07-04 #1078596356. My friend did have the Nites at one time before.
Well there is no comparison between the Nite and the Master, the nite is more forward sounding in its soundstaging.The Master on the other hand is way more relaxed in its presentation and open,it gives a very accurate midhall presentation.The dynamics are great with the Nite but are so effortless with the Master,the subtle dynamic shadings that flows from the Master is truly breathtaking.I just updated my speaker wire to Master and was suprised at how the Master allowed huge dynamic swings to occur with no hint of compression.The bass in the Master is very robust and has excellent weight and definition.I feel that the Master is a top cable in any heap,if you like the Nite then you will love the Master-Dennis