Vienna Acoustics Subwoofer

Is anyone looking to sell a Vienna Acoustics Subwoofer (Principal Grand Subwoofer)?
Let me know.
Anyone there :)
The towers i have are - Vienna Acoustics: 'Beethoven Concert Grand Reference'.
Looking for a subwoofer - do i even need one with the towers i have? any thoughts?
I have a pair of Beethovens and a sub isn't going to give you better dynamics as the mid crosses over really low, like 75 hz. so they are what they are. If you want sub bass then by all means.
Thanks for your response, Steve. I use this set to listen only to hifi audio music. I really need the details that the Beethovens present. So wouldn't want the Sub to spoil it.

Are you still selling the sub? Could you PM me please :) thank you