Vienna Acoustics The Music owners, what amps ?

I was curious if owners of Va The music loudspeakers could tell me what amplification you are using? Thank you
Hi, what amp are you using ? Read from TAS that the bass may need to be augmented with subwoofer. How do you find the speaker so far?
I am using Bryston 28 SST monoblocks driven diectly by the dCS Puccini and U-clock, for The Music. They seem to be a good match. It all depends on your room.
After a couple of months experimenting with toe-in for both the Music module and the base itself, plus the switches at the back, I find the response pretty flat throughout. I don't think you need a sub unless you listen to a lot of organ material.
The nice thing about the Music module is the way you can adjust the sound and soundstage in so many ways to suit your room. Be patient with the set-up. Every few mm make a difference and the micrometer read-outs are a tremendous help. Enjoy!
Audioblazer, I have not purchased the VA's yet. I currently use a pair of Atma-sphere MA-1 Mk. 3 mono's, which will more than likely not be a good match for The Musik's being an OTL design. I am just thinking ahead. I am considering Aesthetix Atlas mono's or Modwright KWA-150 mono's. Anymore input would greatly be appreciated.

I'm driving my The Musics with the Spectron Musician III amp with the Bybee mod and using their latest remote sense cables with good results. I agree with the previous post that a subwoofer is not necessary, although I must admit that your taste will dictate whether this is true for you. I have also driven the Musics successfully with the 40 watt Shindo Sinhonia monoblocks, although I ultimately prefered the Spectrons for their seemingly limitless dynamics and transparency. One caveat is that if you are going to use a class D amp(s) you should pair it/them with a high quality tube preamp (IMHO this is true for solid state amps in general and especially true for class D). In my system I am using the Joule LA-300ME which mates well with the Spectron.

I too am interested in seeing what other Music owners are using. Anyone using solid state class A amps like Pass?

I am using Accuphase pre-power and Musical Fidelity kW500. They sign with the Accuphase because of the superior midrange.
I am using Pass X600.5 with Pass XP20 pre. I am very happy with my system.