VH Audio Flavor 2 and Flavor 4

I am in the need for a Power Cord(s). Been hearing good things about VH Audio. I need one for my preamp and possibly CD player. Been also considering Audience. Don't want a forward presentation but not too laid back. Can anyone give me their experience with these PC's. Will the FLavor 2 work best on the pre and Flavor 4 on the CD player?My system:

Tyler Acoustic Linnbrooks
Cary 308 CD player
I'd go with Audience on the cdp.
Audience is a better sounding cord for digital. I always keep coming back to it for my cd player.

VH Audio Flavor 4 is a good cord, but very tough to work with because it is not flexible at all and it is pretty heavy. If your layout allows for this cable, try it out. If not, try Shunyata Taipan Alpha on the preamp. It will be a bit more money than Flavor cords, but is more flexible and I think better sounding.

Also, I wouldn't hesitate Audience for preamp as well.
FWIW, I've used all Audience power cords in my system at some point and then Audience on CDP and on pre, with Taipan Alpha on the amp and in both cases could not find any faults with either combo.
I took your advice before and bought the Taipan Alpha for my Hydra 2 which runs my amp. Like it alot :)
Samzx12, cool that you remember this!!!
If you run Hydra for the preamp and cd player, then I'd say Audience will be pretty good. This is the exact combo of power cords I had + Hydra2.
I run the Taipan Alpha for my amp and the CD/Pre go to a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet. I am also looking at a Shunyata Black Mamba.