Very high CPU and memory consumption with Qobuz

Hey now,

I am trying to tame my musical purchase habits by trying Qobuz. So far so  good and I am  enjoying the quality of the 192/24 & 96/24 streams. My questions have to do with the CPU rate, which is at 26% and memory at 357 mb. Looking on the task manger the power consumption is very high too. The  fan on my hp laptop, with a Intel Core i7 vPro chip, is running continually since I started running the PC desktop version. I am  running Windows 10.

Is this just normal? Is there a  way to limit the  power consumption with out sacrificing quality On  another thread someone mention a free program called  " Microsoft 10 Shut Up" that might help.

Also for my Yamaha DAC I am  running Foobar2000, which I  love. Is there a  way to import playlist into Foobar? I Google it and an app called came up in the search, which " claims" to be able to do this for many streaming services. Would that improve performance of Qobuz?

Any insights into my above mentioned question or other tips to increase performance would be greatly appreciated.
Hi you'll possibly find it was me who mentioned that program. It is Windows 10 Shut Up and it is free from O and O software. they are a great little company and have some super tools available for taming Windows 10 . I hope this helps. Jim.
You can shut off a lot of the services running on Windows 10 which will free up processor power.  I am running a Dell XPS with the Intel i9 processor and 64GB of ram and a 2 terabyte SSD. With all the various services running, my processor loafs at less than 1% being used while using Qobuz.  
Streaming itself is not very CPU intensive at all.

High CPU for most occurs when you are using DSP features, especially conversion from PCM to DSD, but also using heavy DSP features like equalization and phase adjustment.

At least on Roon, this is how it works. I can happily stream high rez so long as I’m not converting or heavily upsampling on a 10 year old CPU while sipping CPU time.