Power Consumption and Breakers

I live in an apartment building in San Fransisco where I keep blowing a circuit breaker (the only one to my apartment.) I just got a pair of Audio Research Ref 600 Monoblock amplifiers. They play for 30 seconds or so and then I lose all power. I have a landlord who I do not enjoy asking for anything as she is slightly off the wall. What are my choices other than moving or selling the amps? More info... the building is over 100 years old and she probably will not allow me to re-wire.
Maybe call out a city electoral inspector.I guess 100 years ago the current demand was a bit less.Any others in the building have a similar complaint?If you are the only one;looks like you need to move.Have you tried a 25ft. 12ga extension chord to a different outlet.One not on the same breaker circit,for one of the amps?
One more thing.What type of breaker is it?If it is not the screw in fuse,the round type,then the building has been upgraded.Sometimes the toggle switch breakers get old the internal spring gets weak,and the breaker itself needs to be replaced. 1875 is usually the max.per 15 amp circuit.How much do both amps require? I would guess not more than 300 ea.What else is plugged in on that circuit?Most house/apts. have 6 outlets on the same breaker.While that outlet is down;take a portable raidio or small lamp,plugg it in to the other outlets,so you know which outlets are working off the one breaker;and which are not.If it tripps the breaker with one amp,you need a new breaker,your landlord is responsible,if it needs to be changed.(40 bucks+20 min.'s labor)
Yep I had a similar experience, the breaker was shot and replacing it (over $50! just for the part) solved the problem. In my case the breakers were snapped onto the rails inside the service box. It was really easy to switch it out once unscrewing the fascia . Recommend you throw the main breaker first tho if you can. Good luck!