Velodyne DLS-5000R or HSU VTF-3 MKII?

I'm looking for a good sub for under $1K new or used. It looks like it's coming down to these two for me. The REL's are out of my range and the appropriate SVS may be a little too big for the WAF. I can't find a Vandersteen 2Wq in my range either. The sub will be matched with a pair of KEF Reference 2's and a KEF 100c which are powered by an Arcam AVR300. The room is 21' D x 16' W with 12' ceilings. I'm more concerned about musical ability and blending well with my KEFs over cracking the side of the house. I'm sure both will be adequate for my HT needs. The KEFs will be my next upgrade probably in the next 6-9 months (unless a deal pops up->I'm looking for a clean pair of used KEF Reference 3's/104.2's or Legacy Signature III's)

I do like the remote features of the Velodyne but are the DSP features useful? Is the lower priced DLS-5000R sub as well made (close) as it's more expensive brothers or is it more mass market, entry level quality (at $799, for Velodyne that is)? Basically, should I go with a better model HSU or a lower model Velodyne?

My KEFs are rosetta burr w/gold feet and if I splurge on the rosewood HSU w/gold feet, that would be a very attractive (read->easy sell to wife ) combo in my family room.

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Neither. Either get a good used Velodyne, Vandersteen or REL. The low end velodynes sound nothing like their better products. Real Velodynes use servo's and are worth the money.

For music, there are three Veldyne HGS posted right now under $1000. Cheaper, are the F series which I see one posted at $370. There is are a pair Vandersteen 2wq for $900 each asking right now.
look at the aci force 750.00 new from aci 5 year warranty sealed cabinet 250 watt 10in excellent,read reviews of the two you have hear i would go with the hsu
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I have some questions about the 2wq:

-How do I connect it to my receiver? Can I just use my Tributaries A5 sub cable and just hook it to the sub output of the AVR300 or do I need to buy more cables and use the main preouts?

-Is the crossover external? Will I need more cables and rack space for it?

Sorry if these are dumb questions but I haven't seen/heard a 2wq in person. The reviews and the other Vandersteen products I have heard are top notch though. My goal of having a more musical sub seems to be more easily accomplished through the Vandersteen's three 8" driver setup. The adjustable Q will be very helpful as well.

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I am still in love with my Hsu VTF-3R mark II. Lots of opinions here, but for the money and the looks, it gives me everything I need. I also have a small REL Q108E. If you want to save a little more money look at the outlaw LMF-1 (a Hsu design) or the upcoming LMF-2. Great subs for the price. In my opinion, the best sound comes from the midrange and the high frequencies from the monitors and the bass from the sub is gravy. I don't recommend anyone overspending on the sub. Subsonic frequencies are not where I would put my money. Most people overdo the sub anyway. Again, lots of opinions, and now I've posted mine! Good luck and happy hunting! Remember, its all good!