Vandersteen 2ce with Marantz MA 500 monoblocks

Does anyone have an opinion on this set up i am waiting for my dad to ship my old 2 channel gear and I have 2 Ma 500 mono blocks, but am also considering running the Vandys with two bryston 3 NRB in mono configuration which would give me 400 watts per channel. Is that overkill? i listen to mostly acoustic music jazz, folk classical big band and a fair amount of classic rock and light rock. . a little help fellow music lovers
The Marantz will work fine and sound good. The Bryston will be a great match.

I hope you don't mind me suggesting a third option: McCormack DNA 1, or even better two of them.
i apprciate the feed back i got the MA 500's as a gift 8 years back and have not used them for 4 years now they have been in storage with my dad. I have a yamaha pre amp that is just bare bones no frills at all I cannot remember the model i got it from my sax teacher but I know he paid over 1400 for it in the early 90's so I am really waiting for my dad to send my stuff to me so I can get the speakers off my home yamaha i will look into the McCOrmack DNA 1 as well if I were to go with the bryston should I just get a single 3 NRB or would you buy both of them and run them in mono?
THE McCormack only runs at 50 WPC per channel at 8ohms is that enouch to power the 2ce?
The McCormack DNA 1 runs at 150 WPC into 8 Ohms, 300 WPC into 4 Ohms. That's enough to power the 2ce's.
ah i guess the post on here for sale had the wrong wattage. . are they on here often? any other recommendations. .
They are frequently on sale here, as they were hugely popular and a lot were sold. McCormack has offered a steady stream of upgrade options, so don't be surprised by varying asking prices. FYI, the input impedance varies quite a bit on various models. Generally the lower powered (though still relatively high powered) amps have a higher input impedance than the higher powered (very high power) amps. IMHO, one of the better values in audio, and a super match with Vandersteens.
Anyone have any opinions on the yamaha CX 830 with the marantz mono blocks running the vandersteens??