Marantz Pearl Lite for LS50, or..

Hi everybody,

I just bought the KEF LS50, and currently in the looking for an amp.
My room is not very big, roughly 15m2, and I'm initially looking at Roksan Kandy K2, but currently there is one seller in my local forum is selling his few months old Marantz Pearl Lite, so I've been thinking about it.

Does anyone know whether this pairing will work in my room?

Also, as I'm totally new in this thing, will a pure Class A tube amp with 18 Watt sufficient for my room?

Any other recommendation is also appreciated.

Before I forget, my budget is roughly at $1500, and I listen to most type of music, especially progressive rock, jazz, metal, bossanova, etc.

Thanks in advance.
My vote goes to a Job 225 made by Goldmund. There is a thread in the amp and preamp section of the forum about the Job 225.

The Marantz is a great unit and if you can get a great deal, you may love it.
If I am not mistaken, the Marantz Pearl Lite is a basically a PM8004. If correct, I can definitely assure you that this amp will be more than adequate to drive your KEF's. Then again, so would the Roksan - both would be up to task and do a very good job.

Having a Marantz PM15S2 LE, naturally I would recommend you take a longer look at the Pearl Lite, especially if you can get a used one in great condition at a good price.

Last, I don't know what your question about a 18 w tube amp has to do with the two SS integrateds that your are considering. Unless your thinking about tubes too and if you are, I wouldn't go this route with the speakers you have. The LS50's are not very efficient at 85 db and would match up better with SS. Hope some of this helps and good luck in your search.
Hi Paraneer,

Thank you for the reply, really appreciate it. I'm biased towards Pearl Lite now especially because the price is quite good and the warranty is still valid for nearly two years.

And for the Class A question, I did initially considering it but after reading much about tube amp, I think I'll just pass it for now, maybe later in the future with different speaker. Thanks too for pointing out about the less of ideal matching between my inefficient speaker and tube amp.

May I know what speaker are you using now? :)
Hi Joeinid,

I'll look into the Job 225 but now I'm quite biased to Pearl Lite. :)

Thanks anyway.
You're welcome Butt.

My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Bach Grands, 4 Ohms at 90 db sensitivity. More efficient than your KEF's but at 4 Ohms, more power hungry. The Marantz I use to drive them with is only 90 wpc into 8 Ohms; 140 wpc onto 4 Ohms and it is bringing my Bachs up to new heights. I am extremely pleased with its performance and the quality of its construction. It is built at Marantz' reference factory in Japan, same place the Pearl Lite is built.

Sounds like your on your way to a great system.

Will report back with my findings after I finalized the sale of the Pearl Lite.

Thanks again.. :)
Hi everybody,

Just bought the Pearl Lite and after pairing it with my LS50, I am very much LOVING it!!
I've demoed the LS50 for quite some time with different amp at hifi shop, but I must say after pairing it with the Pearl, it seems like the speaker performance is better.

Thanks to everyone that helps me on deciding to buy the Pearl, I'm totally satisfied with my decision.

Butt, thanks for your take on the pairing of the KEF LS50 and the Marantz as I'm considering a move to a different speaker and the KEF R900 or R700 is on my radar. From what I can recall from the last Newport Audio show, the KEFs sounded really nice.

All the best,
"Also, as I'm totally new in this thing, will a pure Class A tube amp with 18 Watt sufficient for my room?"

Good quality small speakers with extended bass, like these KEFs, tend to have very low efficiency and all like power and current, the more the merrier, for best performance. 18 watts is minimal to drive most any speakers except those that are upper echelon in regards to efficiency. High efficiency speakers with good bass extension will tend to be larger. That's basically how it always works based on teh laws of physics.

I've heard teh KEFs off my 180 w/ch and 500w/ch amps. THey sounded excellent with the 500 watts in my smaller 12X12 sunroom. They did not impress at all off 180w/ch in my larger family room area.

So I would not expect much out of the KEFs with 18 watts no matter how they are boiled.
Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite is one hell of a good amplifier. I believe also value of new one is worth its price. I have to say that I had 5 times more expensive amps at home on trial and at the end I opted for this fine Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite amplifier. Whatever Marantz did it did excellent and this gear is producing music. Here is my review that I did when I bought it and a revisit of review after almost a year of living with it. Click.

best, d.
Hi d,

I've read that even before I'm buying the Pearl Lite, and just to let you know that the review is one of the driving factor for me to buy the Pearl Lite.. :)

Thanks and best regards.
I know this thread is old but for anyone researching this subject, I have the LS50s ad well as a pair of XQ1s. The pearl lite is almost identical to the amp I just purchased for these speakers, the Marantz PM8005. I totally agree with the other rave reviews of this series of Marantz amps. It is fantastic in every way, period. Easily worth twice the price. I've been a lifelong vintage tube amp devotee and bought the Marantz for a second system. I was so impressed with it I thought I would compare it to my restored Scott 299 in my main system which has been my go to for years. The Marantz is the first solid state amp I have heard that meets and even betters the Scott in some respects. It has become my main amp, for me that is saying a lot and was hard to admit but it is simply a more balanced and enjoyable listen. Definitely consider the Marantz amps if you are shopping for a new amp in this or any price category.